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Birthday Surprises. 20th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Henhull Bridge to Lockdown Mooring 4A

Birthdays mean presents in bed with our first cuppa of the morning. Lockdown was not going to stop this, even if I’d not managed to get anything for Mick’s birthday.

What is this?

So what did he get? Well Tilly chose three presents and very kindly donated a couple which she seemed to be very pleased with, a catnip sardine and one of her bouncy balls. She also gave him a brand new roll of kitchen foil, this was a standard birthday present from Houdini our old cat as she loved foil balls.


What did he get from me? I chose three also. A dishwasher tablet, which he used up all in one go! A bar of chocolate (the cooking variety being the only one that has been available from Morrisons for a few weeks) and a box of Merlot.

Lots of presents

Just as we were thinking of getting up a boat was pulling up alongside. NB AreandAre were dropping off their empty vegboxs before heading for water. They managed to line up with our kitchen window to pass them through.


This spurred us into getting up and pushing off ourselves, all before breakfast. We pootled almost three quarters of a mile down to Henhull Bridge, the pick up mooring where our mooring spikes slid into their holes with ease and we settled down for breakfast.

Todays fruit and veg

At just gone 10am the vegbox man arrived. Two boxes today, one for us and the other for Sandra. We’d both gone for mixed fruit and veg. I checked that mine contained some lemons, I’d put in a request earlier this week for them as they were a key ingredient for the birthday cake I’d be making. Also nestled in amongst the strawberries and raspberries was a bundle of asparagus. Ooohhh what a treat! Thank you Nantwich Veg Boxes.

Morrisons delivery

Then at just gone 11am a white van pulled into the layby. This was our Morrisons delivery, sadly a few things missing, Tilly food and some steak to go on the barbecue this evening.

Coming along nicely

Once everything was sorted, put into quarantine or disinfected we backed away to the winding hole, turned and headed back to Hurleston. The moorings were a touch busy, but our spot was still vacant, we slotted back in where we’d come from a couple of hours earlier.

Back home again

At first I thought they had actually succeeded in moving the outside today. This outside had freshly trimmed grass and very little cowparsley to hide in, but it turned out that the towpath monsters are back to work and they’d been and chomped everything short again. She is a bit sad about this, so am I as it gave me some really good hidy places.

Kim and Barry, Sandra was in the now sorting veg out

Whilst Tilly went off to find friends, Mick pottered and I spent time in the kitchen doing secret things, mixing, zesting and juicing. Soon afterwards NB AreandAre returned pulling up alongside again this time to pick up their full veg box. There was time for a short chat and a round of Happy Birthday before they pulled away again heading back to their spot.

Birthday bonce

Mick had asked for one thing for his birthday that was really easy to sort, a hair cut. The clippers had been on charge for the day helping to soak up some of the sunshine, so they were put to work. I soon had my boyfriend back with me, with an inch and a half less hair.

A bottle today
Asparagus on the barbecue

Mick set up the barbecue in the gap into the field whilst I threaded the asparagus onto a couple of skewers. The lack of steak wasn’t going to stop us, I’d ordered a couple of chickens, one to roast the other to be jointed and frozen. So two drum sticks were marinaded in cumin, coriander, turmeric and yoghurt. A couple of salmon steaks got wrapped in foil and some haloumi and vegetable kebabs made ready.

A feast

Tilly watched from inside whilst we cooked our meal. The asparagus went on first, I kept a close eye on it and it cooked wonderfully as a starter.

Then the drumsticks cooked for a good fifteen minutes on their own before anything else joined them.

So not fare!

The evening was sunny, filled with insects zooming around. We stayed put in our chairs with another glass of wine and watched the sun setting behind the reservoir before heading inside for cake, well it had to be dark to make the most of the candles.

The lemon and almond damp cake was accompanied by some raspberries and another glass of wine. A rather nice way to end a birthday.


0 locks, 1.5 miles, 2 winds, 2 deliveries, 2 veg boxes, 0 potatoes, 6 wine boxes, 6 things to unwrap, 2 chickens, 1 early boat, 2 Happy Birthdays, 20 spears, 2 lemons, 1 cake, 1 tired cat, 2 dribbling woofers, 1 birthday sunset.


I Dig Canals. 19th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A

Today I had to make sure I got some time with Tilly on the boat, on our own. Mick headed off up the locks to check for eggs, that egg box of ours has done quite a few trips now. Tilly and I had to put our heads together and quickly, what on earth were we going to do for Mick’s birthday presents?!

Things to unwrap

Technical glitches, places being closed Mondays and Tuesdays, things costing far more than originally thought (he is worth it) and a pandemic haven’t been helping! There was nothing for him to open with his cuppa in bed! That had to be sorted. Within half an hour there were a couple of cards and six presents for him to open in the morning. Tune in tomorrow to see what he got!

Whilst I’ve been working on my illustrations for the last couple of days we’ve been listening to I Dig Canals podcasts from Alarum Theatre Company. These have come about from an aural history project about the women who helped save the inland waterways from closure and destruction after the second world war. At the moment there are eleven episodes of varying lengths. There may be more planned but as we’ve not got to the last one yet I don’t know.

They are a good listen, full of stories on the Waterway Recovery Group and people trying to get their boats over a blue mini submerged in the cut and mothers listening for the splash as their kids got on and off the boats. The waterways back then were not how they are today and the boats they cruised in had few mod cons. Well worth a listen.

Another thing to listen out for next week is a new radio play. Alan Ayckbourn should have been starting rehearsals for his latest play Truth Will Out this week, but the summer season at the SJT in Scarborough has been cancelled for obvious reasons. So instead Alan has written a radio play Anno Domino which will be premiered from noon on the 25th May for a month, found on the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s website. You can listen for free or make a donation to help the theatre to reopen in the future. This marks the return to acting for Alan, he last performed in 1964. The play has been recorded at home with Heather, his wife and himself playing all the parts. We’ll certainly be listening in.

Stokehall bridge

A birthday card needed popping in the post so I took the long route to the post box. Along the canal to Stokehall Bridge there were plenty of people on the towpath, walkers, fishermen (who all spread out just a touch too much) and a family who gathered themselves up into the hedge for anyone to pass.

Distinct paths

The fields from the bridge are tuffy green now, the crop whatever it will be getting ready to reach for the sky.

Going pink before it fades

The oak trees are now in full leaf, lush bright green. On the other hand the hawthorn blossom is passing it’s best, now turning pink and some has even started to fade into brown. Some of the cow parsley was getting on for shoulder height today.

The oak footpath

Once at the A51 I walked along towards the post box. For the last couple of months you’ve just had to glance both ways before crossing, but today I had to wait several minutes before there was a big enough gap in the traffic. Another sign of the world getting busier was the aroma around the post box. It is situated on a layby/ bus stop, plenty of lorry drivers stop here for a pit stop, most of them relieving themselves too. Blimey it stank!


This evening I made use of another aubergine from our veg box and cooked us another moussaka. This time I only had pork mince and new potatoes. It was looking very good as it went in the oven, so I made use of the days hot water for a shower. Sadly the gas bottle ran out at some point, long before the top even started to brown. So we had an extended wait for our evening meal. It was tasty, but not as good as the one I made a couple of weeks ago.

Moving uphill

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 lemon, 8 podcasts, 3 more to go, 6 improvised presents, 2 cards, 1 walk, 1 wee mail box, 1 arrived 1 to follow, 1 empty gas bottle, 1 sock to change into a hat, 1 house nearly cleared.

Lush green

Tom’s Cat. 17th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A

For the last couple of nights I’ve preferred to sleep on my bed on the sofa. She is comfortable, mostly, but I thought I’d try a change. It also means I don’t get moved around quite so much during the night.

Then this morning I thought I’d try another change. Instead of warming one set of toes I decided to warm knees instead, Tom’s knees. She wasn’t too happy about this and said I’d become Tom’s cat. Because of all the changes I totally forgot about my morning game of pen and headed straight for the back door instead. She was even less happy about this.

Tom’s girl

Maybe I should reconsider. Tom gives good chin rubs, but his head nudges aren’t as good. He also tends to just push me off the bed in the middle of the night where as She slides the duvet around with me on it when She wants to turn over. I’ll think it over.

Birdie by the locks

Today she went for the usual walk trying to avoid other people going round the reservoir, so she went in the same direction only to find that the family turned round and came back! I’d have run through their legs in this situation, but She says that wouldn’t be 2 meters away and more to the point She’s too old to be running around on all fours! I don’t see a problem with it myself.

The weir into the reservoir all clear now

The reservoir had lots of fishermen round it. All with their masses of equipment. One chap stood in the middle of the path as I approached, but moved out the way for me. His mate down the bank said to just push him out of the way! I didn’t have a long enough stick to keep the social distance, he’d moved enough out of the way anyway.

Oleanna, a visiting boat and then the flag bubble to the right

Back on board I made myself some hummus as I’d run out. With no tahini on board I tried zuzzing some sesame seeds with my stick blender to make some before adding chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, a touch of cumin and some sumac. This will keep me going for a while even with putting half of it in the freezer for the next time I run out, although I think it will need thinning a touch with some more oil.

Sadly they don’t make pizzas I can eat

I also set about browning some pork that we’d bought back in November in Oxford. To this I added a parsnip, carrots still left from a couple of weeks ago, the turnip from this weeks box and several tomatoes. A little glug of wine a stock cube some sage and seasoning, then left it to bubble away at the lowest setting in the top oven. This cooked over several hours and smelt exceedingly yummy.


Mick gave the chimney a sweep, removed the baffle plate inside the stove and cleaned it out. I made sure he stayed well away from my illustrations when he came past with sooty hands. Sadly the stove wasn’t lit until the evening, so the pork stew stayed in the oven to gently cook.

Filthy boy!

Skies were painted in and a few backgrounds for fireworks and blowy days. There is still a lot of work to do on my illustrations. I need to get a few more hours done in a day, but I am limited as my right hand isn’t too keen on holding thin brushes for too long.

Yummerty yum yum

The pork stew was very tasty, we had it with some salad and rice. There is enough left over for a couple more meals. Trying to keep up with the veg boxes keeps me on my toes, so I think we’ll have to freeze the remains of the stew, just so that we can get the greens, aubergine and broccoli eaten before the next box arrives!

0 locks, 0 miles, 6 fishermen, 1 Tom cat! 1 pizza boat, 2 lots of hummus, 3 meals of pork stew, 16 illustrations, 14 skies, 1 whirl wind, 0 wheelie shoppers today, 1 clean chimney, 2 filthy hands.

Swooping. 10th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A

Brrrrr!!!!! That is all I need to say about the weather really. Glad we had the barbecue yesterday. Today we lit a different fire, the stove at about 10 am. Tilly popped her head outside on a few occasions but was severally unimpressed with the blowyness out there. It blows right up my bum! You wouldn’t like it either if you didn’t wear trousers! So instead she stayed inside for much of the day taking pole position on the sofa.


You can’t move me! Look how cute I am.

Today we have been surrounded by Swallows, or are they Swifts? They move far too quickly to see what shape their tails are. On one occasion they took to swooping down to discourage Tilly. It succeeded! They all look like they are having a great time.

We ventured up the locks to see if there might be any ducks eggs. Sadly the van looked quite empty and there were no eggs for us today. At least it gave us a reason to venture out on a chilly day. The farmer walked down his drive so we asked if he had any duck eggs. ‘I’ll get a couple of trays’ he said. Brilliant.

Not many today

We waited for him to return but that is when we worked out that he must be slightly deaf as he only had hens eggs and we’d restocked with those yesterday. Our hopes raised only to be dashed again. We’ll keep trying.

Fancy ducks

I wrote a few weeks ago about how the bottom lock at Hurleston seemed to have sprung a leek after it’s rebuilding. Back then we’d noticed that the towpath gets very wet when the lock is full, if left empty overnight the towpath dries up. I sent a message to C&RT with photos and they said a local engineer would have a look and that the site had not as yet been signed off.

10th April
17th April with an empty lock overnight

The flight is used at least once a day with boats heading in to Nantwich for shopping and services. So as we walk up and down the flight we see it in all states of fullness and emptyness. It turns out that the towpath only gets wet when the level of water in the lock is between full and two foot down.

Yesterday a C&RT employee was at the top of the locks clearing debris from the lock mouth and checking things over. We stopped for a chat with him across the lock. He said that C&RT are fully aware that something isn’t quite right at the bottom lock and that water is actually showing in three places that it shouldn’t be. But with the pandemic there was little they could currently do as the contractors were not working. We were relieved to hear that they know about it after the huge amount it has cost to rebuild the lock.

Just a few more minutes

The rest of the day wasn’t conducive to doing much. Tilly hogged the stove, Mick listened to the 2005 second test match between England and Australia and I unpicked one side of the button band on my treat cardigan. It had all ended up being a touch too tight, so another twenty rows were added and it sits a lot better. Mental note for next time, lay things out on a table not your lap in front of the TV! It works better this way.

There are the ends to weave in, the pockets to sew up along with the under arms. Then I need to find the buttons and it will be finished. I have enough yarn left over to make something else. I toyed with a hat for a while, but today’s chilly wind spurred me on to making matching socks. They will have the same pattern that is on my cardigan sleeve and pocket.

Nearly there

This evening we watched the Prime Minister informing us of the road map to get out of lock down. All very vague. Boaters social media started buzzing with everyone interpreting what had been said in the direction they were wanting to hear. C&RT have said that they will be giving continuous cruisers advanced warning of the lifting of restrictions, so we wait to hear from them. I suspect they are just as confused as the nation is.

0 locks, 0 miles, 0.75 of the egg walk, 10 degrees, 14 down from yesterday, 1 disgruntled cat, 2 one cosy cat, 1 cardigan nearly finished, 1st matching sock, 2 pies, 1 with not quite enough filling! 2 boaters not fretting, 2 boaters doing some homework.

Picking Up. 8th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Marsh Lane Winding Hole to Lockdown Mooring 4A

For a second day in a row we pushed off before breakfast and made our way to Henhull Bridge. Here we both found the holes for our spikes with ease, slotting our spikes in and just giving them a tap back into the ground.

More pylon work going on in the field behind us

After breakfast I set off to walk into town leaving Mick and Tilly to wait for a Morrisons delivery. I followed the towpath to the embankment in Nantwich. Fields are filled with wild flowers and dandelion clocks, others have been cut and were having the cut grass turned over.

Nantwich again

Walking into town I spotted that the chippy is now open and an Indian Take away is opening in the evening. I resisted the temptation to coincide my walk back with the chippy frying at lunchtime.

That pretty street again

First port of call was the vets to pick up Tilly’s flea treatment for the next year. There was nobody directing people in the car park so I rang reception. I could see the ladies busy on the phones inside so kept calling. Fourth attempt paid off. I explained I wasn’t in a car and soon a lady brought a paper bag with Tilly’s goodies to a window. Tilly will be pleased!

Back into town to Holland and Barratt to check on their flour stocks. I topped up on Brown Flour rice, this will keep my bread making going for a while.

Then past the butchers, sadly we’d not pre-ordered anything from them, but it looks like they might be selling some things again from the front door.

At Marks and Spencers I joined the short queue. With it being the first time on visiting the store I had no idea what was where. This really doesn’t help when there is a oneway system in operation. Well it turned out that I wasn’t the only one doubling back. I was quite surprised at how pants the staff were who were restocking the shelves. One lady stood with her rack of produce looking at photos on someones phone of a baby, totally blocking an isle and not being aware of people around them. When I used to work in a shop I was always aware if I was in someones way, I think I’d be even more so now.

Flags were flying

Pies were on my mind along with a few veg that we could do with. I found his and her pies which we’ll have in a few days when the temperature has dropped. Then I had a look at the gluten free things. Well fantastic they had plain flour! Alfred get to M&S. A bag jumped off the shelves into my basket. We can have cheese scones again!

With my shopping paid for I then headed to customer services. I’d ordered myself a new pair of jeans which I could collect here. My mission was now complete, time to head to the service block where I hoped Mick would be with Oleanna topping up with water.

Across the car park is a health centre. Alongside the building was a big NHS tent. Covid-19 testing centre came to mind, but it wasn’t it was an assessment centre.


I’ve been reporting on the Covid Symptom Study for the last few weeks. A few days ago I’d been feeling a touch light headed. When you log into the study it asks you ‘How do you feel physically right now?’. Well a bit light headed, so I had clicked the ‘I’m not feeling quite right’ option. This then led to quite a few other questions to which I confirmed that I was lightheaded. The following day I felt normal so reported that I was fine.

However I received an email from the study. ‘We are very excited to be able to offer you a chance to get tested for COVID-19.’ ‘We have developed a software test (an algorithm) to predict COVID-19. To test and improve this we are now working with the Department of Health and Social Care to give you access to a COVID-19 test.’ They were also inviting people who had no symptoms for a test too.

I clicked the button in the email, but no tests were available. The following morning I did the same and received the same response. I think I tried another couple more times and eventually managed to get through. All home testing kits had gone for the day, but a drive through test was possible.

A text message came through saying I’d been allocated a test which had a code attached. So I continued with this option, just where was my nearest test centre and would I be able to do this without the use of a car. Simple answer. NO. The next question was my car or van registration number. I considered trying again the following morning for a home test kit, but what address should I use? The postcode I’d given them in Nantwich belongs to someone I don’t know. So as time had ticked away, they prefer you to have a test within about three days of symptoms, I have to admit I gave up.

Still not much visible in this field

Being a boater with no home address and no car meant I slipped through the cracks of the testing system. Sandra from NB AreandAre has had an invitation too and also not succeeded in booking a test. We’ve both written back to the study explaining our problems. We’ll see if we get a response.

This evening we sat down to watch By Jeeves. Unfortunatly I’d got confused about the time, so we joined it an hour into Act 1, but Mick discovered that if he gave himself RSI he could rewind it to the beginning. So we settled down to watch the show.

Well for a show I hold very fondly in my heart I found the filming of it rather peculiar. The premise of the show is that you are a member of the audience to a fund raising show where Bertie Wooster will play the banjo, except that show has been cancelled due to the lack of his banjo. The opening to this filmed production and the auditorium have been taken to the nth degree which makes for a strange opening. Then the editor seemed to have an itchy finger, so many camera angles at times it was almost dizzying, i nearly had to report being lightheaded again! Martin Jarvis played his part well, Bill Champion’s interpretation is still the best. Then some of the accents from the other actors were a touch American. Still a favourite of mine but no where near as good as seeing it in the flesh in a small auditorium such as at Scarborough or The Old Laundry.

Tilly walking to see what the flag bubble is like

0 locks, 5.51 miles, 2 winds, 1 walk into town, 3 boxes wine, 3 boxes bravecto, 1 banana mountain, 1 new pair jeans, 2 bags brown rice flour, 1 bag plain flour, 0 test, 1 slightly disappointing show, 1 show still word perfect.

Carmen Miranda Box. 7th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Marsh Lane Winding Hole to Lockdown Mooring 4A

Thursday morning cuppa in bed then on our way to meet the veg box man. Mick managed to find the mooring pin hole at the stern quite easily, but the bow one proved impossible to find again, so another whole had to be driven into the bank.


Breakfast time which turned into work time for me. Just as I’d started inking in the portraits the dark grey Galaxy from last week pulled into the layby. Today we were picking up a £15 mixed box for us and a £12 mixed box for Barry and Sandra on NB AreandAre. The chap dropped them off and took away our box from last week so that it could be reused.

Two boxes today

I couldn’t help but have a quick nosy to see how much difference £3 made. Our box was maybe a touch more fruit biased than Sandras, but then I’d requested that they omitted certain things. We considered heading into town to pick up a few things, but decided instead to head back and deliver the fresh veg before any of it started wilting in the sun.

The flag bubble has been invaded by Pirates

We reversed back to the winding hole, turned and headed back. As the flag bubble came into view a couple of beeps on the horn were sounded. The flag bubble has increased in the last few days, it now includes The Pirate Boat NB Rum Wench. Heidi stuck her head out of the hatch to say hello and have a quick catch up as we drifted past. We then slowed until our bow came in line with AreandAre’s. Sandras box had been left on our starboard bow locker for ease of access which worked well. A quick chat and we were off back to Lockdown Mooring 4A.

Mind the canoe

Two boats had pulled in on the length of visitor moorings, but our favourite spot was still free. Tilly wasn’t too sure about the big Alsatian from the boat in front, neither was it about her! They watched each other closely and mirrored each others moves. We of course got told off for allowing such a woofer into this TILLY’s outside.

Fresh bootie

So what did we get in our box? New potatoes, carrots, radishes, green beans (hope you’ve got round to planting yours Frank), tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 onions, apples, red pears, peaches, grapes, bananas and strawberries. Quite fruit biased, so maybe next week we’ll just go for veg whilst we finish off the fruit from this one.

The laptop having a clean out

The menu for the next week took some working out this afternoon and a short list was made of things we could do with. Tomorrow we have a Morrisons delivery so what could be added onto that order was, but somethings are just not available, I’ll see what I can do in town tomorrow to fill the gaps.

Rubbing out

By the end of the afternoon all my sketches were inked in and all the pencil rubbed out. Amazing how long it takes to get things looking right to then totally obliterate it all and leave it looking not quite the same. Painting them in will bring back the subtleties, but that is a longer process.

This is MY field!!!

Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE day, we’ve heard today that our street in Scarborough will be having a street picnic to celebrate, presumably everyone in their own gardens. We hope the sunshines and that you all enjoy celebrating the day. Maybe I’ll get round to writing that post about my Dad tomorrow!

0 locks, 1.74 miles, 1/3 rd of a mile backwards, 2 winds, 1 Carmen Miranda flat packed into a box, 2 boxes, 1 huge bunch of radishes, 2 tasty loaves, 1 pirate boat off the starboard bow, 4 flags, 16 sketches inked in, 1 broken hinge, 1 mound of erasings, 2 hopeful messages, 1 street party picnic to celebrate, 4 windows, 1 more meal with potatoes!

Thursday 7th May photo

His and Hers Loaves. 6th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A


My sourdough sponge had gone frothy overnight, so it was time to mix in all the other flours. Potato starch, Tapioca starch, Flaxseed all sorts, plus some butter and an egg. It all makes for a very liquid bread batter that is so very different to the last few loaves I’ve made which were vegan as well as gluten free.

Ready to rise

Poured into a lined bread tin (GF stuff always wants to stick when it’s cooked) it was then left on the proving shelf to grow. The recipe I’d chosen I could have added yeast too, but as my starter had been so bubbly I decided to omit it and leave it to rise for longer on it’s own. The timer was set for 2 hours, the minimum.

With only one egg left I set off on the Egg Walk. Micks version of this may differ slightly from mine, but both versions have the same intention. Duck eggs and maybe some hen eggs. I walked up the locks, under the first two bridges on the Llangollen Canal and then climb up onto what was the A51 before the newer version was built.

Wheelie Shopper wood

Here people pull in to buy eggs and boaters have their cars parked. Today the red van had a fresh supply of eggs, medium and extra large, but sadly the centre trays were empty. No duck eggs.

I looped round onto the A51 and walked over the canal. Nantwich Vets Equine Centre looked like it has opened back up. Several horse boxes turned in along with various other vehicles, in fact there was a bit of a queue to turn in. The world is getting busy again.


I walked round the houses to see if there were any eggs here, but sadly the table wasn’t out. We’ll try again tomorrow.

A full circuit of the reservoir before heading back down the locks. This only equates to a couple of miles at most, but at least it’s showing some effort before starting work for the day.

Somewhere behind those trees!

At lunchtime Mick asked if I could make him a loaf of bread. We still have some bread flour on board, not much, but some. We also have dried yeast, so this was possible. My loaf needed longer on the proving shelf, so I wondered if they both would be able to go in the oven together.


Baking times and temperatures were different for the loaves, but I managed to work it out in the main oven. My loaf was baking first with the hope that it would have set itself before possibly getting disturbed when adding Mick’s loaf. If you happen to knock the tin of the gluten free loaf before it’s set all the air bubbles will pop, making it a flat loaf. My calculations worked and the usual extra five minutes out of their tins finished them off nicely.

His at the back, Hers at the front

Three quarters of my sketches got inked in this afternoon before noises from the flag bubble distracted me. Shrieks and engine noises. Just what was going on!

What’s going on?

NB Plum appeared to be trying to get in to the off side for some reason. Then after a while we could also see NB AreandAre doing similar things. A tractor in the field? Then we could see why, a cow had fallen in the cut. It actually turned out to be two cows that had misjudged their footing and toppled into the canal. Plum and AreandAre were being used to stop the cows from walking away from where they could be rescued. After about fifty minutes both were back on dry land and the world calmed down. Sandra filmed the rescue, here’s a link to the footage on their facebook page.

MInd the prop
One stubborn cow

This evening I decided it was time to use the aubergine we’d got in the veg box last week. An obvious choice was to make a Moussaka. I’ve never made one before, but we had everything required which would mean I could use the half tin of tomatoes and some more potatoes. Well it took some time to get ready for the oven, but that time was well worth it. Ever so tasty, it’ll be added to the repertoire.

No audible sound of the PPe bird at all today and no sign of the wheelie shoppers. I’ll carry on listening to bird song on the internet in hope to find out what it is.

Tilly watching out for the Wheelie Shoppers

If you are wanting a bit of a jolly good laugh this weekend I can highly recommend By Jeeves which will be on the Show Must Go On Youtube channel from 8pm on Friday. This was the show that opened the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough when it moved into the Odeon building in 1996. I did a little bit of work on the premier production when I first started working there, I put the flowers on the grass verges I seem to remember. This recording is from a production in the States or Canada I believe. Not your usual Lloyd Webber big musical, but Jeeves and Wooster brought together in a daft musical by Alan Ayckbourn and Andrew Lloyd Webber. For those who worked at the SJT back in 1996 the show is in our blood, the lyrics resurface just as soon as the music starts. When a production of it was put on at The Old Laundry in Bowness a few years ago so many of us rushed to see it again. We’ll certainly be watching.

By Jeeves - Wikipedia

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 duck eggs, 0 reservoir eggs, 1 circuit, 2 loaves bread, 1 sachet yeast, 1 sourdough, 12 inked in drawings, 1 pirate on a bike, 2 swimming cows, 1 tractor, 2 boats, 9 hours, 1 exhausted cat, 1st Moussaka, plenty of potatoes left.