Yarn Donations

*Updated 12th February 2023

Thank you to everyone who has donated yarn to my Sockathon. I’ve been blown away with peoples generosity.

Indie Dyers have sent wonderful full skeins and part used cakes of yarn, all of which are very welcome and will be knitted into socks for @Dementia_Uk. Part used cakes mean I have to add other colours, so stripes and patterns will be used to keep not only me but the wearer on their toes!

If you are into yarn please give the websites a look, there are some wonderful yarns out there just waiting to be made into projects. I’m hoping to find a yarn show to visit this year so that I can say thank you to those who have donated in person. But for now Thank you all so much!

Naomi from Skeinhawk Yarns which is based in Kent.

This is the second year she has donated to my Sockathon. Thank you for your wonderful continued support.

The purple yarn has already been used and should have arrived at it’s sponsors.

Trudie and Tony from Posh Yarns in Pembrokeshire.

I have already selected this for a pair of feet, socks due to be knitted in May/June.

I believe some boaters will wave as they pass by to see family soon.

Steph at Perran Yarns in Perranporth in Cornwall. Steph has been nominated in the category of Favourite Indie Yarn Brand in the Yarn Industry Awards 2023

This yarn is made with bio-nylon so is a little more sustainable. I think I know which greenie I’ll be knitting this skein up for.

Louise at The Knitting Shed in Steyning, West Sussex.

What a bumper box of part used cakes and so many mini skeins. These will keep me busy winding cakes for days! Such a generous donation!

From Vykky at West Green Loft on the Easter Ross Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands.

Another bumper box, a wonderful mix of pastels with punches of colour. Some of this yarn is currently being knitted up for Pair 6

Marie and Dominique from Wool Is The Answer.

These ladies are based in Lincolnshire, not only do they dye yarn but they hold afternoon tea knit and natter events and knitting retreats at Hemswell Court near Lincoln.

Ellen from Ka Lok Shek Ellen.

Ellen is inspired by her Cantonese heritage and the Scottish landscape. What a vibrant box of yarn goodies.

These may come in handy when knitting for panto friends.

Carrie at Peak District Yarns.

Three wonderfully different skeins of yarn.

You can visit Carries dye studio in Tideswell, she also runs dyeing workshops

Jem from Under The Olive Tree Knits in Cambridgshire.

There is a turquoise sock shouting out to be knitted along with several others from this wonderful assortment.

This is the second year Jem has kindly donated yarn to my Sockathon.

Beth from Beehive Yarns in Thirsk.

Such wonderful cakes of yarn left over from sample knitting, enough still to make a pair of socks. They arrived along with a handy bag to keep them in.

Beth very kindly donated yarn last year too.

Then there are the Stash Delvers, people who have a stash of yarn and have delved deep to pull out part used balls and cakes, or skeins that have been sat in the dark waiting to see the light of day for too long.

Jane follows Skeinhawk Yarns on Instagram. Not only has she delved into her stash, she’s also sponsored a pair of socks too.

The kindness of strangers.

Gemma, an old work college of mine. She now works at Wool Warehouse so has plenty of yarn to play with.

Thank you so much for all the colourful yarns.

Bubbles Mum. This is the second year of donations.

This yarn is especially special, as Bubbles Mum used to be a demon sock knitter, but dementia has stolen her skill. I’m honoured to be sent this yarn to mix in amongst other donations to make them into socks for people to enjoy.

All yarn is welcome, although I may have to clear more space on Oleanna to house it all! At the end of the year I’ll see what I have left. Either I will keep on knitting to use it up or maybe I’ll auction full skeins off. One thing is certain, all the yarn will be used to raise funds for Dementia UK.

I have a few more pledges of yarn to come. When they arrive they will be added to this list.

Thank you all SO much!

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