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Towpath Talk. Breach 19

In this months Towpath Talk there is an article about the Aire and Calder breach on page 16.

Page 17 accompanies this with an article about the gravel barge, Farndale H, and it’s first trip from Hull via Goole up to Leeds last September, which is when we were moving back to the house.

Fusedale H is also a gravel barge

It turns out that Farndale H had just shortly returned to Goole docks after it’s last run up to Leeds for the year when the breach occurred.

There is also an article on page 21 about Kate Saffin and Alarum Theatre Company. On the papers website there is also an article about Alarum celebrating their fifth anniversary. LINK Congratulations to them.

Talking of theatre, today is the last chance to listen to Haunting Julia from the SJT. The other day I enjoyed an afternoon listening to Alan Ayckbourn in triplicate, he plays all three parts in the audio version. It’s a great play, I admit I am biased as I’ve designed it twice. But it’s most certainly worth a Sunday afternoon listen.

We miss Towpath Talk, after it had been read and the adverts perused it would be kept for lighting the multifuel stove on Oleanna. In the house our open fire isn’t kept in 24/7 so we have to eek out our Saturday newspaper for relighting it most evenings. When we’re allowed back to Oleanna I think we’ll be picking up a few copies of Towpath Talk and bringing them back to the house.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 article, 5 years, 1 secret box, 1 little Miss Mozart, 1hr 45 minutes well spent, 1 maybe 2 bats, 2 new boating neighbours, 0 newspaper until Monday for the fire!