March Knitting Challenge 2022.

Thank you so much to all those who sponsored me for my challenge. My total donations reached £320 which was brilliant. In all the whole challenge managed to raise £138,676.84 during March for Versus Arthritis.

During March I managed to knit nine pairs of adult socks and one pair of premature baby socks, so in total I managed ten pairs. I’m still knitting the premature baby socks as when time allows now we are back cruising and I aim to make nine pairs to donate to a Neonatal unit somewhere in the country.

Pair 1

Made for Allie.

Pairs 2 and 3

Made for Anne and Alasdair

Pair 4

Made for Sally, these are now touring Europe

Pair 5

Made for Christine

Pair 6

Made for Ali

Pair 7

Made for Joa and her Cats Protection kittens

Pair 8

Made for Helen

Pair 9

Donation by Nick, made for Morag

Thank you !