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Uh Oh! Breach 27. 5th March

C&RT Update on 05/03/2021:

A problem with the seal at the breach site has resulted in an inflow of water from the downstream end that our contractors are currently attending to.

Downstream water level fluctuations are expected to continue whilst this is addressed, and further dewatering of the breach site is planned for w/c 8th March 2021.

Maybe they’ve been waiting to see how the cofferdam would hold up before fully dewatering the breach site. Maybe the chap who reported the cofferdam being full again earlier this week was correct.

Meanwhile here in Scarborough a folding crate has been brought back out of storage and items that need to head back to Oleanna are gradually being added. We have a boat safety inspection booked in a few weeks time, before this we need to do a couple of jobs onboard. Here’s hoping we don’t have to clamber down off the pontoon again to get onboard.