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Say… Ta-ra Ta-ra. 19th 20th September


Marina morning view

Normally when we moor up in a marina it’s only for a couple of days to head off to see friends and family, or do a bumper wash. But this time it will be for longer. It’s not for a couple of weeks, or months even. This winter we’ve decided to take a mooring whilst we return to Scarborough to give our house some tlc.

The pandemic has affected everyone, some to more extents than others. Living on a boat we have been sheltered from much of what others have had to endure. But the situation with our house affected us greatly and we made the decision to head back to Scarborough a few months ago.

Our mooring for the time being

Whilst at ‘Home’ in Hurleston we rang round marinas in the north to find a space. Lisa, an Instagram acquaintance, was asked if she thought there might be any space where she moors, this led to a lead here at Viking Marina. We’ve made monthly phone calls to check they would have space for us and got final confirmation when we popped in a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Lisa for your help.

So on Friday Mick caught the train to Scarborough to pick up a hire car for the weekend. Whilst he was away the majority of our clothes were packed in vacuum bags and spare bedding and towels packed away.

View from Wetwang towards Sledmere

Saturday morning we left Tilly in charge and headed over the wolds to the seaside. All the fields have been harvested and the last of the straw was being bundled up.

Welcome back road works

Arriving into Scarborough we were greeted by a long queue of traffic, Welcome Back! Scarboroians are used to Seamer Road being dug up, it happens quite frequently!

A hand me down

Our first load filled the car, but took little time to off load. This trip was with the hope that we could make the house Tilly friendly. Items of our clothes have been popped in hidey holes in cupboards. The posh cat flap disabled, for the time being. This took some doing as we had to find where I’d stashed the power lead six years ago and then download a manual to see which buttons to press. Some more work is required as one of the buttons is sticking, so for now it will remain a special cat window. Mick struck lucky going to get some lunch for us, as Sainsburys had the cat litter we thought had stopped being made.

With the freezer empty on Oleanna and defrosting, the fridge just about empty too and only a couple of onions and bramley apples left, we ordered ourselves too much food from Leaf Tandoori, the left overs may do us another meal.

Sunday morning it was time to start packing everything else we might want in the house. The food drawers were emptied of anything that was open. My stash of gluten free flours was packed. Then bedding, coats, computer stuff, pvr. Would everything fit?

It soon became obvious that a third car load would be needed. Time to make sure there would be enough space for Tilly and her possessions. Fitting her giant scratch post in took some fathoming out, but Mick got there in the end.

Tilly Too left in charge of Oleanna

We managed to empty the yellow water tank. Freezer cleaned out. The rope from the fender ring near the bow was swapped for a more substantial one as we were worried that it was being put under a lot of strain. The other jobs would have to wait. Time for us all to get stressed.

Tilly’s escape pod not so good today

A few sprays of Feliway had been added to Tilly’s Escape Pod this morning with the hope that this would make things better, she went in okay, but as soon as the door was closed she realised her mistake! We had a very noisy first twenty minutes drive, the gap in the towel covering her escape pod was then closed. From then on she still had her moments but mixed them with silence for better effect.

That’s a handy window

We were relieved to find a space on our street outside the front door. First into the house was Tilly and her possessions. Straight into the kitchen to be contained. Then followed an hour and a half of her shouting and not being able to jump, but this evening the ability to calculate gaining height is returning to her.

This one’s like the porthole in the bathroom, just bigger

Favourite places so far are one understairs cupboard (we have two), behind a door, the views from windows are quite pleasing and now the sofa, covered in a throw from the boat. So far she has only seen two thirds of the ground floor, a bathroom and two staircases. We are pacing her so that her head doesn’t explode with all this space.

Not bad!

Right now she only has one thing to say.

They changed the inside!!!

She will no doubt have a lot more to say on the matter in the coming days. For that reason Tilly and I have been busy over the last couple of weeks setting up her own blog. Mrs Tilly.

Now we are talking!

This evening we will be settling down to fish and chips with a glass of wine and relaxing. The following weeks and months we have lots of ‘grown up life decisions’ to make as our friend Jaye calls them. If a second lockdown is brought in we feel we’ll be better off at the house than on the Aire and Calder. We do know one thing that when we can we will be heading down to Goole, tinkering with Oleanna and going boating. Whilst on dry land I won’t be posting, but when afloat I will.

Excited new boat owners

This photo was taken back in 2014 a couple of days after we’d bought Lillian, boy were we excited then. The next time we head back to Oleanna our excitement will be the same if not greater.

So if you want to know what Tilly makes of everything please follow her new blog. She’ll keep you up to date on how we are all fareing.

But for now I’ll say Ta-ra Ta-ra.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 big thank yous, 1 hire car, 0 Saturday newspaper, 2 trips, 1 more needed, 1 huge house, 1 freaking out cat, 1/3rd of the house, 3 times the size of Oleanna, 2/3rds to go, 2 boaters, 2 many decisions, 2 of each, 1 new blog .