Pootling Before Breakfast. 6th March

Opposite Spicers to between M62 Bridge and New Bridge.

Interior view

The sun shone through the boat curtains enticing us out early. After a cuppa in bed we donned our layers and pushed off, winding and headed out through Goole Caisson and onto the straight.

Blue sky cruising, wonderful. Tilly sat in the windows sunbathing all the way, slowly watching the outside move.

Distorting the reflection

We’d just beaten a canoeist to the undisturbed water, leaving it all rippled for him to follow us. Wonderful reflections today.

The new green mesh fence continues along the north side of the canal for quite a distance, presumably to keep people off the railway line. No good for cats. The new or refreshed piles of stones for the animal escapes glowed in the sunshine. Last year there was an increase in the number of dead deer floating in the canal, hopefully these will help them escape now.

Approaching Rawcliffe

At Rawcliffe, the Croda works were giving off fumes and as we worked our way along they increased in pungency. No idea why someone would choose to sit and fish right alongside the works with that smell all day long, it made me want to hold my breath!

Blue blue skies and the M62!

Another mile on we dipped out of the sunlight under the M62. Now to choose where to moor, I’d already checked the fishing facebook group and todays match was happening further up at Pollington, so we had a very long expanse to choose from.

To maximise the solar we chose to moor on the north bank with the hatch to the towpath, our chimney not able to cast a shadow on the panels this way round. The other reason being for ease of access for Tilly to come and go, using the hatch to return.

Watching us go by

By now a breeze had picked up, so it took a while to hammer spikes in and tie off temporarily before replacing with chains. The commercial gravel barges are not running at the moment whilst investigations are on going due to the number of fish deaths in Knottingley, so they wouldn’t be bothering us. Exol Pride was moored facing towards Hull in the docks, so we doubted they would be coming past for a day or two, but chains were preferable to spikes in the softish ground.

Tail held high

As soon as we were settled I entered Oleanna to the VERY excited sounds of Tilly. After four months of being in the house with bully neighbours she now could have her towpath freedom back. Have to say she’s a far more relaxed cat on the boat, some sudden noises are interesting, but not as life threatening as they seem in the house!

A good nosy along the towpath, but with a lack of trees or deep friendly cover she decided it would be better back inside.

An afternoon pedicure

Out of the seven hours shore leave granted today I think I took an hour, the rest will be kept in reserve for another day.

Normal service has resumed

Time for breakfast. Turkey sausages, hash brown, tomatoes, mushrooms and poached eggs on toast. Yummeroonie!!

Exterior view

After all the tidying, cleaning and packing of the last week we deserved a quiet day. Several boats came past on a jaunt out from Goole or Rawcliffe and not a sole walked past us all day. Plenty of sky surrounded us and it was just wonderful to be back onboard.

However we have a mystery which hopefully someone can assist with. Last night on heading to bed I noticed a green dribble from the porthole in the bathroom. Condensation? Well it dribbles like condensation, but then dries out to green crystally stuff. We wiped it up and then this morning it was happening at both bathroom portholes! The starboard side not so much. Has this happened because the boat got so damp a few weeks ago? Where is the green coming from? It’s definitely coming from behind the plastic porthole liner and not running off the window frame. Anyone any suggestions please.


This evening we’ve enjoyed our usual Sunday roast, a chicken with tarragon butter under it’s skin. Only one thing would have made today better and that would have been to turn the volume down from the motorway a touch. Still a wonderful day to be back afloat.

0 locks, 3.73 miles, 2 winds, 1 blue sky day, 1 out of 7 taken, 1 changed cat, 1 happy relaxed cat, 2 poached eggs, 4 turkey sausages, 2 green dribbley portholes, 1 roast chicken, 1 slow day, 3rd sock finished, 4th toe done, 1 Gold licence in the window at last.


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  1. Anonymous

    Could it be from an algae bloom after water/condensation ponded behind the lining and then stagnated whilst the boat was unoccupied?


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