Jobs List. 7th March

New Bridge/M62 to opposite Breedon Concrete plant

Crunchy leaves

Brrr! A chilly morning.

When Mick got up he stoked up the fire and then popped the central heating on for a boost before we got out of bed. Jack had been busy outside, the towpath having turned white and crunchy.

Drax with all twelve cooling towers working hard

Tilly was given a five hour window to explore the outside, but we soon got the impression that with the lack of trees and poor friendly cover the cold morning wasn’t really worth the effort! She did venture out every now and then, but preferred to lie cooking herself by the stove.

A large Sainsburys order was put together for the morning, pick up address at the moorings opposite the concrete plant. I’ve changed how I refer to this mooring as it isn’t opposite the old waterways museum, that just has a more romantic sound to it than the Concrete Works!

People quite often ask how we do our shopping and our stock answer has been that we quite often get a delivery to the boat. We’ve been saying we have at least twenty different addresses. Well today I checked, we have 49 across the country and I suspect this will increase this year as we’ll be travelling on new waters. Last year we paid for a delivery pass which has already paid for itself at the house, so any more deliveries are now a bonus.

The view first thing

By 2pm the sunny skies had vanished and Tilly wasn’t showing much interest in going out any more, so we headed back towards Goole hoping to take up position for our delivery in the morning. Fortunately there was just enough space for us so no need to amend our address.

On our way back in to Goole we’d been debating who to get in touch with regarding some boaty jobs. We have a couple of carpentry jobs which we hope our friend Frank will be able to do for us once the weather warms up a touch. Improving the freezer drawer so that it opens fully and increasing the ventilation to it. Adding magnets to our galley drawers, we’ve been meaning to do this for years, have all the bits but not a confident hand to drill the holes. We might even ask him to drill a hole for the boiler thermostat in the side of the cupboards so that in winter we don’t have it sticking out from the electrics cupboard. That list looks like I’ll need to make sausage rolls, a bakewell tart and maybe some boat biscuits in payment. Any other requests Frank?

Wind power keeping busy too

Then there are the less woody jobs. Paint work, that is me when the temperature picks up.

Weedhatch cover. This has gradually lost it’s thread, so rattles away below the stern deck as we cruise, more so on lumpy water. Because we have a Tyler Wilson shell our weedhatch is completely separate from the engine bay, so there is no danger of us sinking. A couple of years ago Mick added wooden packers so that the threaded bar tightened at a different point, but this is now worn too.

Then the green dribbles. Who could take off the porthole liners to help find what the cause is. We had more dribbles today, slightly crystallised once they dried.

We’d thought about heading up to Sheffield where Oleanna was built or calling in at Staniland Marina where we believe Lewis Wilson now works from. Once we’d moored up Mick gave Alistair in Goole a call. This was the chap who’d come out last year when Oleanna was over heating.

Coming back past Rawcliffe

He would be with us in 40 minutes.

A new threaded bar on the weed hatch cover will do the job, a bit of welding and it’ll be sorted. He popped it in his van to take away.

Then the green dribbles. No obvious way to remove the plastic liners so those were left in place. We’d had dribbles on both sides so a possible cause could be water getting in at the mushroom vent. The grill inside was removed along with the tube leading up to the roof. No damp or water ingress was noticeable.

Has he gone yet?!

A look outside and the possible cause was identified. The connection box for the solar panels on the roof. When we added a second panel this was removed to wire everything up. At the time we reused the black tack sealant and added a bit of silicone. Last year I’d noticed a patch of rust beside it, sanded it back as best I could and touched up the paintwork. Well it looks like water may be getting in here. Alistair will bring some Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack and see if that does the trick. This however doesn’t really answer why the dribbles are green and crystallised once dry. We’ll see what happens.

In other news the gravel barges are apparently going to restart operations tomorrow. There may also be a third barge joining them. So we may want to move to be tied up more securely than on mooring spikes.

0 locks, 3.72 miles, 1 chilly start, 1 reluctant cat, 1 big order, 49 delivery addresses, 40 minutes, 0 weedhatch for a day or 2, 1 possible cause, 2nd pair socks completed.

2 thoughts on “Jobs List. 7th March

  1. jetpackwaterwayroutescouk

    When two dissimilar metals are in contact and get wet they often produce unusual coloured chemical reactions which can crystallise, or get washed along somewhere if there’s enough water and opportunities to flow downhill.

    I hope you have a backup copy of all your shopping delivery addresses. I seem to remember that Sue (No Problem) had a problem when Mr.T deleted all those that hadn’t been used very recently as they thought they were no longer relevant and years of her work collecting postcodes etc. disappeared overnight.

    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you Paul. Hopefully the creeping crack will stop any more dribbles and when the weather improves we will revisit the solar connector and do a much better job of it all.
      If our shopping addresses vanished it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. We remember where most of them are and we’re quite used to adding new ones. So far we’ve not had a delivery refusal or one get lost. The delivery details tend to get changed depending on where we can get moored.

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