Last Of The Ginger. 19th December

‘Avecoat Marina

Cracked water

The view out the back was very different this morning, water! Water everywhere! But it was still on top of a layer of ice! Would we be able to move today? Maybe, but the wind picked up quickly, making any manoeuvring in ice even harder. We’d be waiting another day.

We’re quite used to seeing steam rising from the canal early in the morning during warmer months. Today it was as if someone had put Dried Ice into the canal. Smoke/steam rolled off the top of the ice, blown about in the wind. I tried to take a photo but it just didn’t come out.

Still icy in the middle

Cracks in the ice could be seen, along with sticks sitting on the surface. As the day progressed, with the wind heading straight for us we would get these almighty crunching, grinding noises down the sides of the boat.

What’s going on!!!???!!!

Oleanna was being pushed towards Victoria by the wind and the ice between us was breaking up. Tilly really did not like this! Some thing was Grrrrrrring outside my boat!!!

A sitting stick

Things were found to wash, the drawer emptied. Lists for shopping were written out. If we can get a mooring near the retail park I’ve a lot to pick up for work and then some present shopping.

A batch of gf puff pastry was started. Dough ingredients mixed together and butter bashed flat before going back into the fridge to rest. Six roll fold and turns followed each after an hour in the fridge, the last turn being just before 10pm. We shall have sausage rolls!

Then maple syrup, treacle and butter were melted. Flour, spices including the very last of my homemade ground ginger from two years ago were mixed together to form a sticky dough. That’s a batch of Lebkuchen sat waiting in the fridge to be cut out and baked. The boat smells sooo Christmasy when I make these.

Activity came from across the way on NB Capricorn. A car was being unloaded their chimney smoked. Then later on the engine was started up. Were they going to make an attempt to leave the marina tonight? No just turning the engine over checking things.

More ice got blown into Oleanna, was this all breaking up or just grinding it’s way along to fill the gap between boats? Nothing could be seen in the dark or prodded with a boat hook. It was breaking up.

The start of our decorations

As I’d been hanging our wreath on the cratch in the afternoon someone walked past saying how yesterday the ice had been at least two three inches thick by their boat. They were astonished that now it was only half an inch, no trouble pushing through that.

Neon prop

Tomorrow we’ll do our best to be up early. There are chores to be done, then we will hopefully head for freedom!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 wreath hung, 2 steel cable ties, 1 very noisy day, 1 windy day, 1 big batch of puff pastry, 1 batch of Lebkuchen at the ready, 2 boaters at the ready, 1 neon green bunny leg.

4 thoughts on “Last Of The Ginger. 19th December

  1. Karen

    Pip, your account of being stuck in the ice reminded me of reading about explorers in the 1800s looking for a route through the Northwest Passage, over the top of Canada. If they didn’t sail out soon enough in the fall, their wooden ships would become ice bound for the entire winter.
    Your ivy wreath looks lovely, and I can almost smell the Lebkuchen!

    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you Karen, the Lebkuchen are very spicy this year and filled the boat with such an amazing aroma. Next will be the red cabbage, that’s if I can get hold of one where we’re hoping to moor.
      Whilst being iced in many on the facebook groups were starting to consider eating Penguins if it continued much longer!

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