Solid Under The Surface. 18th December

‘Avecoat Marina

NB Victoria next door was covered in frost again this morning, the pontoon was slightly white too. Was the weather really going to change so dramatically?!

We took our time to get up reading our Saturday newspaper at leisure, then joined the Geraghty Zoom. New sofas were absent, football baubles and benylin were all discussed. Then it was time for breakfast. Giant tomatoes ruled the plate today.

Time to try to make Oleanna look a bit festive. I needed to find some wire to hold bits of greenery together first. In a box in the cat proof cupboard I found the wire, I also found bags of press studs. Time to digress.

For months one of the poppers on a blind on the front door has been broken, the bit that goes through the fabric having come away. So for months we have lived with a corner of the blind hanging down. We’ve also lived with not being able to roll that blind up to see out of that side of the door.

A hammer was found in the ‘shed’ cupboard. Using the table didn’t prove to be solid enough, so I moved to the floor with a mat under the base to protect the floor. On my second attempt it worked! We can now sleep in darker conditions, well until the popper falls out again which it will do. I think the punch tool actually needs to be a very tiny bit bigger to get a better hold.

By now outside it was raining. The precipitation started off bouncing off the gunnels of the boats either side, then it just turned into wet rain. Any whiteness on top of the ice vanished quickly, we were now into plus temperatures.

Bag of potential

My bag of ivy was sorted through. The long straggly bits went together in a circle easily, but were just too weedy. Then chunkier bits were joined together, but they didn’t make a pleasing shape. In the end I used the long bits and added into it sprigs of chunkier ivy to beef it up.

Needs beefing up

We had a discussion as to whether it would be better to add battery powered fairy lights or should the long string of lights, we’ll be adding soon, be wound into the wreath. I decided that it would be easier to put the battery powered lights in, if Mick fancies adding even more from the long string then fine.

Just a ribbon needed to help secure it

Once the lights were wound round I added the dried seed heads, which are really quite fragile. They may or may not survive being on the bow. Only thing needed now was a dry ten minutes to put it on the cratch. That didn’t happen, so it ended up sitting in the well deck away from Tillys chewing teeth.

Solid under the surface

By the end of the wet day, the ice surrounding us was now submerged under water. Will we be able to move tomorrow? It would be good, but we don’t think it will be possible, the ice was really quite thick. We’ll be patient.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 popper/press stud mended, 1 dark bedroom again, 3rd go at wreath, 1 cooked breakfast, 2 invisible sofas, 2 boaters waiting for someone else to move first, -2C to 10C in 14 hours.

8 thoughts on “Solid Under The Surface. 18th December

  1. adrian2013

    Really was a change here too. Saturday turned real wet and the snow and ice soon went.
    Yesterday Tuesday 20th and today beautiful temperatures and sunny! Just the job to get out for a quick walk around the block and clear my head! Of all the times I could have been struck with Covid19 in the last 3 years it had to be now!
    New grandson just arrived last Thursday and Xmas days away.
    I’ll be on me own with bread and cheese at this rate!
    Great looking breakfast Mick..

    1. Pip Post author

      Oh poor you! Especially with the new grandson having just arrived. Hope you have mild symptoms and recover quickly Ade.
      I’m sure there will be more than bread and cheese for you, if it is though I hope it’s some very good, aged and maybe even blue veined cheese with some interesting crackers.

      1. adrian2013

        Thanks Pip, not that mild unfortunately, feeling pretty rough!
        But better today than yesterday, so I’m hopeful.
        Karen says if I’m still positive on Sunday she’ll be cooking dinner around her mothers, and dropping me round a Christmas Dinner to heat up!
        So better than crackers and cheese!
        Yes I also hope I recover quickly.

        1. Pip Post author

          Sorry to hear that Ade. We felt pretty rough with it. Didn’t realise how long it clung on until I looked back to when I first started to paint panto and the things I just missed for the next couple of weeks.
          Hope you can taste your dinner on Sunday.

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