Deluded Lentil Baseballs. 12th March

Sykehouse Junction to Opposite the cement works Goole

Tilly was allowed shore leave whilst we joined the Geraghty zoom this morning. For the last four weeks Mick has been involved in something to do with hire cars, so hasn’t been present for at least three of those weeks, so it was nice to see people again and have a catch up.

Then it was time to push off, would Tilly return? Well, a short while after I called for her there was a meow at the back doors. Inside, 2 Dreamies, padded trousers on, trip computer set and we were off.

Reversing out from the junction

Across the way from where we’d moored was a line of buoys marking a relaxing bank, so we didn’t want to get close to it whilst winding. Instead Mick reversed Oleanna back to the junction, good job we’d got the weedhatch cover back in enabling better reversibility. At the junction we turned to face Goole and retraced our wake. Today was chilly and blustery stood on the stern. We discussed our options for escaping Goole, again. If there are enough boats interested then the Trent-Link group will put together an appeal to C&RT regarding Thorne Lock. For us a nudge of dates would be good, freeing up the Easter weekend I suspect would please local boaters.

Someone knows the grass is always greener.

Near Sugar Mill Ponds there has always been a dutch barge moored along the towpath. When we came past last week it wasn’t there, we wondered if it had moved moorings. Then it had returned. Today it had vanished again! Just where does it go to? Maybe for water, diesel? There was a choice of spaces opposite the cement works so we pulled in a touch further away from the boats with woofers. Here is the prefect place to bring a car alongside.


Across the way the moorings outside the Auction house were chocka block. We wonder if mooring is discouraged during the week when they are open, or is it that no-one will notice you mooring there when they are closed?

Hello Lisa!

A large pot of chilli was made in my cast iron casserole and popped on the stove to gradually cook for the rest of the afternoon, saving on gas.

Chilli gently bubbling away

With a visit from Frank on the cards we needed to stock up on a few things, especially potatoes to go with a roast. Mick headed to Tescos whilst I headed to Boyes for some glue and some baby yarn. Tescos supplied us with a new rectangular ceramic lasagne dish, not pyrex, but identical to the one we used to have. So now I can cook reasonable portion sizes again.

The title of the post? Our location on what3words, I found it amusing.

0 locks, 6.11 miles, 1 reverse, 0 dutch barge, 2 gaps, 0 shore leave, 1.5 kg potatoes, 2 types glue, 1 oven dish, 3 meals worth of chilli, 0.75 sock knitted, 1 bakewell tart started.

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