Presents All Round. 25th 26th December

Scarborough and Thorne

Mikron bag and hand sanitizer

Father Christmas brought us lots of goodies, of course there was chocolate but there were also socks. Years ago I used to think, Oh Thanks! when receiving socks, but I think when you get past a certain age it’s quite exciting as you can now justify throwing out the pairs that have gone beyond the darning stage. Amongst other things I got a Mikron bag and Mick a can of Marmite Beer, he’s not sampled it yet so we don’t know if he loves or hates it!

After smoked salmon and scrambled eggs we joined the Geraghty Zoom. Everyone was present even Ruth, James and Penelope who had headed to Lanzarote for a week. Then a long chat with the London Leckenbys.

With the fire lit we opened our presents. Tilly got a mouse and fish rammed full of catnip from her friends Mungo and Dog (they are both cats and can be friends as she’s never met them!), so she spent much of the morning occupied with them high as a cat can be!

Not cheap, but my last pair have lasted nine years.

Mick and I both got a new pair of sheepskin slippers from my Dad, great for wearing on the boat. Yes I know he passed away some years ago, but last summer a small chunk of money came to light so thank you Daddy Fatso for warm cosy toes again.

Many of my presents were things for the kitchen and arrived just in time. A carving board, electric hand whisk. I have both on the boat so now we don’t need to move them back and forth. Kath knitted me a snood to wear whilst winter boating. My neck certainly won’t get chilly and there’ll be no loose ends of a scarf to get caught in lock mechanisms. Mick got a new rope knife, very handy for stubborn things around Oleanna’s prop and it has a hole to attach a string so you can’t drop it in (mental note do this before taking it to boat!).

I always get scissors, this year however they were a touch different. These are herb scissors which have five blades so five times as much cut. Suspect they may be annoying to wash, but Mick does the washing up so that doesn’t matter! We also got wine and books. Thank you very much to friends and family.

Christmas sunshine

A Christmas walk down to the beach helped clear our heads after a glass of bucks fizz.

Blimey it was cold out there with a keen breeze off the sea, but the sun was out so we battled on a touch further.

Into the underpass

Under Spa Bridge and the now roundabout is an underpass and a car park, somewhere I’d never really fancied exploring, but a group of local artists have covered the walls of the underpass with wonderful images of fish, jelly fish all sorts. The area was once a large aquarium and still has the name Aquarium Top. Here’s a link to how it used to be, some great photos including a tram that once took a nose dive!

Just before the jelly

Frank arrived mid afternoon, watched us cook and then helped us eat just about everything. Duck with all the trimmings, followed by clementine and prosecco jelly, then upside down banana chocolate chip birthday cake, served slightly warm with ice cream.

A very nice cake and worth keeping the bananas until they were very ripe!

Maybe not!

Birthday presents next. I got a pair of sandals, yes I know it’s winter but I’ve been hunting for sandals to wear on the boat for years and these look really good. I of course had to model them with some Christmas socks, the only time the two items will be on my feet together! There was also some chocolates, pasta, an oven glove and a new pie tin.

We rounded off the evening with another glass of wine in front of Morecombe and Wise.

There she is!

Having hired a car for a few days over Christmas, original plans now cancelled, we put together a pack up lunch and headed off to see Oleanna, she had presents too, new filters! The drive was quite foggy over the Wolds, but when we reached the River Ouse it cleared somewhat, the tide was neither in or out and on the Aire and Calder there were no boats on the move.

Coats were kept on

This time last year we also headed to Oleanna as the Aire and Calder breach had just happened. Today we were pleased to see she was safe and sound and not a couple of feet below the pontoon. Mick flicked switches on in the electrics cupboard and then fired up her engine. She started up first time, we let the engine run for about an hour.

Cheddar and braised red cabbage butties with a cuppa

Blimey it was cold! Such a different place to be when the stove isn’t lit, she’ll need a good 24hrs to get back up to temperature, glad I’d worn extra layers. We had our pack up in front of the hatch with a cuppa each. We’ve known more picturesque views, but just being back on board was good.

Mick’s present passed on to Oleanna

Once the engine was off again, Mick rigged up his Christmas present a solar power battery maintainer. This will help to keep our starter battery topped up during the stationary winter months. Normally charged when the engine is running the battery can now get a bit of trickle charge when stationary for any amount of time. The solar panel has been left in the pram cover so as not to get blown away, this will mean it is less efficient, but more so than if it was at the bottom of the marina.

Tucking her back up

After a couple of hours everything was switched off again, taps left open to save coming back to burst pipes. We said our goodbyes to Oleanna and the marina and headed back to Scarborough in time to watch Paddington with Tilly, she especially liked the pigeons!

Pigeons help save the day

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 days hire paid for, 7 days with a car, 4 more positives, 1 Christmas, 1 birthday, 3 stockings full, 12 pairs socks, 2 pairs slippers, 1 pair sandals, 1 pan, 1 carving board, 5 blades, 1 knife, 1 whisk, 1 fish, 1 mouse, 1 pack Dreamies, 1 birthday cake, 30 roast potatoes, 0 left, 40 plus sprouts, 5 left, 12 pigs in blankets, 0 left, just what am I going to make the bubble and squeak out of tonight?!

A chilly day at the marina

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    Just a Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas and a prosperous cruising New Year.

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    Glad you all had a good Christmas, Pip and we wish all three of you all the very best for 2022. Jennie and Chris x

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