Driving. Breach 50. 16th May

New Bridge

I’m sure breakfast photos must be getting boring!

Yesterday afternoon another narrowboat arrived, keeping well over to the other side of the canal, yet pushing quite a bow wave. We then sat and bobbed about in the resulting waves for a good fifteen minutes until calm was restored.

One of two mums and their babies today

Have to say we’re a little surprised that not more boats have come out from the marinas for a touch of freedom. Yes the motorways are not that far away and constantly audible, but the amount of sky beats the view of other boats any day.

Fishermen lining up for todays competition

The fishermen arrived and set themselves up along the northern bank and at 11am a shout from one end to the other could be heard, then the plop of bait followed by rods. Todays catches reached 27lbs 6oz. No idea if this is a really good haul, but it sounds like it to me.


After a slow morning watching the local baby boom we headed out for a walk. The towpath officially on our side of the canal, although the northern bank is far busier, we followed it up towards New Bridge and the breach site. The grass has recently been mown despite someone having put a fence across the towpath. There being no sign to say keep out we continued. Under the bridge to where proper fencing keeps gongoozlers away from the cofferdam and new CCTV looks down on the site.

A team of high vis chaps stood around the site. Maybe because they now had on lookers they climbed back into the cabs of the diggers and pile drivers and started to work.


The piles that Mark had photographed from the air a few days ago were now being driven further down. Each one numbered in chalk. The chaps gradually worked their way along the line.

We decided to walk along the flood bank of the Dutch River to have a different view. Someone arrived in a car to check over the generators, all quite busy for a Sunday.

The tide was going out on the Dutch River, Cow parsley stood high on the flood bank and every now and then the remains of some creatures meal sat on the path, muscle shells. Sadly between us and the canal lay a very boggy area, possibly even a drain so the best view I could muster of the level on the western side of the cofferdam was by standing on a stile. No water in view.

Back at the boat Tilly was allowed several more hours of towpath exploration, although the very quick sharp showers that came and went all afternoon brought her dashing home.


Big bolts of lightening towards Doncaster were followed some 15 seconds later by big booming rumbles of thunder. We felt for the fishermen across the way, some already starting to pack up ready for a swift exit after the weigh in at 5.

Miserable out there

I continued with my model painting. The Inn now thankfully finished and a few more bits and pieces painted. The underwater scene was partly painted when I had a big change of mind about it, a much better idea which shouldn’t take too long tomorrow to make and paint. This will be a Black Light Scene, illuminated in UV with puppets of fish and mermaids swimming to our principles rescue. After that it will be time to put everything back in the model box, take notes, work through them, take photos and then wait to see what the Director thinks.

Bits and bobs

An up date of the technical drawings then hopefully the model can be tucked away for safe keeping in my clothes cupboard until needed and we can concentrate on boating for a while.

Sunday roast

0 locks, 0 miles, 4th boat, 50 breach updates, 9 hours! 20 babies, 6 showers, 1 biblical downpour, 16 drenched fishermen, 1 final alteration, 2 boaters saving their hugs.

Sunday Selfie

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  1. Adrian Moore

    Breakfast photos never boring and even a roast too smashing. Glad to see you out. Models coming on looking terrific.

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