Rules Are There For A Reason! 17th May

New Bridge to Viking Marina

It was left up to Tilly this morning as to when we’d move. Her last morning of freedom for sometime, so she was told to make the most of it. Off she went scouring the long grass for friends.

By about 10am we were the only boat left, David/Paul and Karl had headed off early and WB Lullabelle followed. Did they know when it was due to rain this morning?

Much better versions on the right

At about 11am we were either ready to push off or I’d be settling down to do a couple of hours work. NO sign of the second mate so I set about finishing off the bits for my panto model. My new version of the under sea scenery much better than the original.

When Tilly wants to come in she either comes to the side hatch when it’s open, or jumps on the back of the boat, quite often jumping up onto the roof hatch making the engine board rock to make a noise. Well on her return this morning we heard her land on the stern, but her bell sounded different. Had she managed to change it herself for a quieter version? Or had something happened to it, muffling it slightly?

What happened?

To us we guessed what had happened, this was confirmed when Mick opened up the back doors. One wet cat. Was this down to wet grass and hunting? No, her head was dry! This was almost certainly down to jumping in, or maybe a fall, or maybe some other excuse for not abiding by the rules which are laid out every time she goes out!

That’s not just damp Tilly!

You can be angry. You can laugh. You can chase her round with a towel trying to catch as much of the water as possible before it soaks into the sofa or bed. You can worry every time your cat is out. You can keep them indoors. Or you can let your cat be a cat. Then you can be grateful that she got out from where ever and came back home to share the clean up experience with you.

That’s soaked!

We think where she got wet was most likely to have been in a short section of drain or pond in amongst the trees. But there is a possibility that the number of ducklings was too big a pull towards the canal. If that was the case, thank goodness she managed to find a way out. However the wet paw prints came from the bank and not the stern button.

As much of a towel dry as I was allowed to give her, she then set about drying herself off by having a bath, thankfully for my end of the sofa, whilst sitting on a towel. Mick lit the stove, the boat warmed up to help with the drying off.

What’s happening there?

A small boat kept coming past this morning with a C&RT chap sat in it. In front of him it looked like he had a laptop. Was he doing a survey? He headed all the way up to the cofferdam a couple of times.

A big mound of earth just in front of the digger

After I’d finished my model bits and had lunch it was time to push off and head back into Goole. As we winded I did a last zoom in with my camera towards the cofferdam. There a digger was busy and a mound of earth could be seen. Every now and then this morning we’d been able to hear pile driving. Which part was being dug up? I’ll have to wait for Mark’s next set of photos to see. Next time we are up this way the breach will hopefully be mended and we’ll be cruising through it reminiscing.

Goodbye for now

The four damp miles back to Goole was tracked again on Nebo. I also remembered to have my camera ready to take a photo of the ladybird tile on one of the culvert bridges.

Time to put the panto model together and see if I want to do anything else. A list of notes was written out, nothing major but a couple of hours work. I also took photos so that the costume designer can see what colours I’ve used.

These were also sent off to David the Director for him to have a look at before we have a catch up, so any notes from him can be sorted prior to the finished design meeting with all the creative team and producers.

The Cotswold Thunderbolt

0 locks, 3.92 miles, 1 wind, 1 soggy moggy, 2 hours drying off, 170 model photos, 1 okay Inn, 1 lovely ship, 1 giant anemone, A4 of notes, 1 model nearly finished, 1 glass of wine to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Rules Are There For A Reason! 17th May

  1. joamungoanddog

    Silly really, but I never realised how much work goes into a show before following your blog, you mention all of these different people and I realise for all of them, Covid has been awful.
    Here’s hoping to a successful return to ‘showbusiness’ very soon!

    And Tilly …. be careful!

    1. Pip Post author

      Hi Joa
      The number of theatres with shows already on the go is quite wonderful, then there are others in rehearsal. I just hope the Indian variant doesn’t do it’s worst and stop everyone again in their tracks.
      Tilly promises to be careful, she swears it was planned!

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