Fishing! 10th July

Rushey Lock Meadows

Such a lovely mooring it would have been a shame not to have stayed a little longer, so we did just that. A Chorizo Day for Tilly as I’d be spending much of it painting palm leaves for my Colombian Rainforest.

The sun first thing was very very bright, it shone in through the bathroom porthole soon after 4am, so this needed blocking out with the aid of a bung to encourage more sleep.

Left over fried potatoes instead of hash today

Mick did the honors for breakfast as Tilly headed into the long grass to explore. Then it was time to get on with painting leaves. My aim for today was to finish the leaves, but that very soon became obvious that I wouldn’t achieve my goal. As I’m hoping the portals will be printed this means that I have to be ever so ever so careful with how I paint them, any slight mistake will end up being enlarged to 25 times the slight wobble of brush. The extra time is warranted, I just hope I’ve enough time to paint the rest of the model before my next meeting. As much as I like writing blog posts and try to keep them limited to certain times of the day, they can take up an extra hour or so. Posts may be shorter or missing in the coming days.

Oleanna needed an oil change, Mick started to get himself set up. One of our chairs was on the engine board, it got moved out onto the stern for a moment. A gust of wind caught it and off it blew into the river. Mick grabbed a boat hook, but sadly it had already sunk and drifted too far to be saved.

Was the frame magnetic? The sea searcher magnet came out, so did I to see what Mick would catch. A long throw, slowly pulled back towards the boat. He’d caught something first time! Was it? Could it have been our chair? I thought I could see the frame.

Then whatever it was dropped out of view again. Several more attempts with the magnet and something was caught again. Slowly Mick raised it into view below the water. Yes it was our chair! Holding it steady I reached down with the boat hook and managed to hook part of the frame. Up it came closer, except it was under the stern of Oleanna.


I held onto magnet and hook whilst Mick leaned right over to get a hand on the frame. Phew one chair rescued! One of us wouldn’t have to sit on a stool outside. It was left close by, far enough away from the bank edge to dry off. I think it may take some time.

Mick did an oil change, Tilly got bored with the outside and I worked. A few boats came past, mostly from upstream including a beautiful steam launch called Duet, sadly my camera wasn’t to hand at the time. More info can be found here.

Toadless Hole

This evening we had the remainder of what we would have eaten last night had it not been such a lovely evening. Toadless Hole and roast veg.

0 locks, 0 miles, 9.5 hours, 4 taken, 1 soggy chair, 1 magnet, 9 litres Boyes finest oil, 117 banana palms, 1 DEFRA funding announcement!

2 thoughts on “Fishing! 10th July

  1. Ade

    Another Mick special breakfast there.
    Plus the toadless looks nice too.
    PiP don’t feel any pressure to post daily! Do what makes you happy!
    I remember saying the same to Tom years ago when he was posting daily. Then was feeling the need to apologise when he couldn’t!

  2. MikeTodd

    I am intrigued: do tell us about the technology used to translate your leaves into stage reality. I’d live to know.

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