Finesse Ladies. 1st July

Dink and Malc’s to Premier Inn Banbury

More boats came past from Banbury. They started at around 6am with four having passed us before we were even enjoying a cuppa in bed. By the time we moved ourselves nine boats had come past, I kept a tally for a while but got bored when it reached eighteen.

Egg not quite up to scratch

Tilly was given an hour or so of shore leave whilst we had breakfast. Plenty on offer this morning, just a shame Mick forget about the existence of the black pudding which had been sitting patiently in the fridge to be eaten. Oh well, it just means we’ll have to have another cooked breakfast soon!

Tilly was called from the sideways trees and friendly cover, time for her to have a snooze and for us to move into town, hopefully we’d find a space at Spice Ball Park.

That’s a juicy treat!

Round the corner a Twyford Wharf hire boat had been moored overnight, the new holiday makers just moving onboard whilst two chaps clung onto the ropes. As Spice Ball came into view so did the boats that had come past us last night. All spaces I’d noted yesterday were filled, no choice but for us to be in the centre of town. Sorry Tilly.

There were plenty of uphill facing boats, many must have stopped for the night or to go shopping , there was quite a turn around of neighbours. Mick looked into the electric bollards. These were here last year but not working. Today they were. Despite the charge being 95p a kwh he decided to create an account and credit £5. We’ll be here for a couple of days and with our reduced battery capacity it would be nice to have power without running the engine. It took a bit of faffing to set up, but soon power flowed into Oleanna.

On their way

I packed up my next pair of socks and popped them in the post. These were a try out pair for a friend who wears braces on her legs. Longer than I’d normally knit and of different sizes, I may not have got the legs quite right. Ali let me know any amendments so that I can work them into the next pair.

Time to have a tidy up and rationalise my work things. Then I can start to make a mess again.

Late afternoon there was a ‘Hello’ from outside the boat. This was Liz and Mark from NB Azzurra a Finesse boat that was built a couple of years after Oleanna. Last year when we met NB Barberella on the River Nene I was added to a Whatsap group The Ladies of Finesse. Very little had been posted for a few months but Tilly’s choice of welldeck to explore at Cropredy had prompted me into posting this week. It turns out that not only NB Perseus is based around here but Liz and Mark happen to live in Banbury, so a meet up had been arranged.

Curry, don’t mind if I do

Liz’s face was familiar as soon as I popped my head out the back. It took all evening for us to pin point when we’d met before. February 2019, NB Azzurra was in build at Finesse and we’d returned to have a leaking window replaced and the gas locker lid hinges sorted, they had been on a visit to check on the build, the first full electric boat Finesse built.

We had a lovely evening with Liz and Mark. A pint of Hooky ale was enjoyed by all at Ye Olde Reine Deer Inn, a pint of Oat Sower for me a rare treat. Then we headed to Jool for an Indian meal and more conversation. Mark is a Waterways Chaplain for the Oxford Canal south of Banbury and Liz currently commutes to Glasgow three days a week as a radiographer.

Pip, Mick, Liz and Mark

Our paths are likely to cross a bit over the next few weeks as they will be heading the same direction as us, only a little bit faster.

0 locks, 0.4 miles, 2 hours shore leave, 1 pair of socks, 1 breakfast, 18 at least uphill boats, 1 wind tunnel, 95p! 3rd Finesse lady met, 4 pints, 4 currys, 1 bored cat, 1 spider rescued.

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    On holiday so loads of catching up to do!
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    .and probably July 1st? Not June

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