The Purple Line. 2nd July


Tilly was left in charge today as we were having a day out, to London.

Empty compared to a few days ago

Mick had chosen a route via Reading to take us into Paddington. This meant we got to share the first train with a LOT of blazers. Numerous students with different stripped jackets were heading for Henley and the final day of the regatta. The next train was very much a quieter affair with plenty of seats to go round.

This route had been chosen so that we could ride the Elizabeth Line for the first time. Purple uplighters suggested we were heading in the correct direction at Paddington. Very exciting and very speedy taking us to Stratford in about twenty minutes. Here we’d just missed a bus, so our journey slowed right down until the next one arrived heading towards Hackney.

It was before Christmas when we last saw my brother and his family. This last week Andrew had a birthday so we’d decided to loiter in Banbury to make a trip to see them all.

Checking the lamb was cooking through

Everyone was good, Josh busy working hard for his last few exams before the end of term. These will give him grades he can use when he applies to Universities next term.

As ever there was plenty to chat about. Abba Revival, they’d been last night and danced themselves silly. News about friends we’ve recently seen and Jac’s last visit to see her Mum in Melbourne. This was obviously accompanied by wonderful food and plenty to drink. Andrew had cooked for us a rolled shoulder of lamb which had been marinating overnight and then it was cooked on the barbecue for several hours, some of that time in a cast iron pot.

Finn (looking at you) and Ziggy (up on the cat walk) got real fish for their dingding!

Pudding was a Tarte Tatin with some caramelised apple ice cream an experiment that worked very well.

All too soon it was time for us to be heading back to Banbury, too soon! We caught a bus to Bethnal Green and headed to Marylebone where for most of the day there had been two trains an hour. When we arrived we’d just missed the 7pm train, the next was at 8pm, but was running 20 minutes late! That’s their excuse! Change of plan and back down onto the tube to return to Paddington and catch the next train to Reading then onwards to Banbury.

Leckenbys, Josh, Jac, Pip, Andrew and Mick

Back at Oleanna Tilly was very pleased to see us. PLEASED!!!! I only had three biscuits left in my bowl and they were from yesterday!!! Yes dear readers, they’d forgotten to give me my morning dingding! I’ll be advertising for new staff in the coming days.

There’s more than three biscuits in that bowl Tilly!

0 locks, 0 miles, 4 trains, 2 buses, 1st trip on the Elizabeth line, 3 tubes, 1 lovely lunch, 1 brother a year older, 1 day out, 1 hungry cat, HUNGRY!!! You call that HUNGRY!!?!! I call it malnutrition! 1 cat requiring new crew to move the outside daily and to provide tasty dingding twice a day consisting of fresh chicken, kidneys, salmon, cheese and a side licking of unsalted butter.