The Sausages Have Gone Fat! 27th May

Riley Green to Bridge 84

We’d already decided on a slower start to the day, then we’d see where we got to on the mooring front as today had been ear marked as a work day for me. Setting off cruising we’d see what a large M on our Waterways Route map was like and if it was deep enough for us to get into the side. If not then we’d carry on to Johnson’s Hillock Locks, do the flight, then find a mooring.

We didn’t manage the earlyish start we’d planned and Mick really didn’t want another long day at the tiller and I really needed to get on with some work. So we had a cooked breakfast.

Not quite vegetarian

Mick had stocked up on suitable ingredients for breakfast including some gluten free black pudding and some sausages. However the pack of sausages, despite saying they’d be best before the 31st had expanded in the fridge and the cellophane lid looked like it was about to explode! The pack was opened, contents sniffed. They didn’t smell bad, but just the fact that they’d been gassing for several days wasn’t appealing, they sadly went in the bin! An almost vegetarian breakfast. A bit like those enjoyed when working at the SJT when a vegetarian breakfast with a portion of bacon were consumed at the Rendez Vous Cafe on a regular basis. It was still very tasty, but the sausages were missed.

Tilly had been allowed shore leave and thankfully hadn’t spotted all the tadpoles that surrounded Oleanna in the shade. Just how many of this mass will survive and grow into frogs? Never seen so many tadpoles in the canal.

Onwards. Mick tried pulling Oleanna into the bank before bridge 84, nowhere near deep enough, but through the bridge where the M was on our map proved better. Here there were no tadpoles just Canadian Geese creches. Mick at one point counted 20 goslings plopping into the water. This could be a noisy night!

Goose creche

With a small shopping list Mick cycled down to the next flight of locks and found a garage with a Spar shop. No newspaper but a few things to keep us going. I set about doing more sketches for panto.

Ideas on paper

I’ve now got six basic ideas of how the whole thing could look. The afternoon was spent scanning the sketches, removing parts of my drawings so that I can add other scenery without having to redraw the basic.

Late afternoon I needed to stretch my legs so headed off for a panto thinking walk. I crossed over the canal at the next bridge and climbed up the hill, hawthorn bushes surrounding me. Along the road I came across a Vegan cafe, diners enjoying the late afternoon sunshine on the terrace with great views across the valley. Then on the main road was a Farm Shop. If only we’d known! It was closed now and won’t open until we want to be on our way tomorrow. Next time!

Returning to the canal I had to walk past a smart houses front door, they obviously have to put up with such things but I could hear I was tripping infra-red alarms. Down the steep path back to the canal. A few more steps were required and a bit more thinking had me head on down into a field, crossing small wooden bridges and wading through tall grass filled with buttercups and Ladies Smock. Then back the even steeper hill back to Oleanna. I’d stretched my legs but not come up with enough solutions for panto.

Yum, click the photo for the recipe

Time to strip the roast chicken and make use of a couple of leeks that were sat at the bottom of the fridge. Chicken and leek macaroni cheese. This was very yummy for a fridge invented meal and will be made again.

Not bad friendly cover!

0 locks, 2.5 miles, 1 aborted mooring, 1 deep mooring, 2 outsides, 1 sausage roll day, 0 rolls, 6 versions, 13568386425 tadpoles, 20 geese.

3 thoughts on “The Sausages Have Gone Fat! 27th May

  1. adrian2013

    I would of definitely missed the sausage and bacon but it looked ok.
    Dinner tea which ever looked very nice chicken & leek mac cheese, 1st. Time I clicked the photo I believe.

  2. Karen

    Enjoying your posts, Pip. Thanks for the leek & macaroni recipe, I hadn’t thought of using leeks and chicken in macaroni and cheese, but it sounds (and looks) really good. I like to find ways to cook with leeks as somewhat “local-grown” are available year round here, not imported.

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