Armed With A Hacksaw. 5th January


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A list was made of items I still needed to purchase for #unit21, including a 3m length of plastic pipe! I nearly ordered it along with elbow joints online from Screwfix, but decided to see if there might be a DIY stall in Derby Market. Derby Market Hall is currently undergoing refurbishment, but I was aware of The Eagle Market, the front doors of Derby Playhouse open into the Market. The website suggested a couple of fabric stalls, time to catch the bus.

Mick had made the decision to fit the new alternator this morning and was already down in the engine bay. I required a hack saw so collected one on the way past. The Skylink bus picked me up and whizzed me into town. I made note of a Tool Station next to the big Royal Mail building where there was a handy bus stop, a much better location than Screwfix.

The Eagle Market has seen better days, I’d say only about a third of the units were occupied. I found a couple of fabric stalls and most of what I wanted and ended up having quite a chat with the lady who lives on a boat in Shardlow Marina. Sadly no-one had any navy velcro, that will have to be ordered on line.

We’ve missed Wind in the Willows

No DIY stalls. I had a wander around Derbion the big shopping mall, nothing of use in there, just a sandwich for lunch. Much of Derby Centre stands empty, the bright lights of the shopping centre, being out of the rain has pulled customers and retailers inside. Such a shame. But I believe Derby Council are hoping to rejuvenate the area, refurbishing the market hall being part of the plan to try to pull retailers back into the streets and make it a destination. Well that’s the standard blurb used for such places nowadays!

After a visit to Wilko I walked back to Tool Station taking note of a low wall just by the bus station. Pipe, elbows and cement purchased I headed for the low wall. Here I pulled out the hacksaw and cut the 3m length of pipe in half, no problem getting on the bus now.

Shardlow is getting quite full

At the water point in Shadlow there were three widebeams. WB Lazy Days had moved across from the pub moorings where now sat two C&RT skip boats. Then there were the two widebeams that had been moored above Derwent Mouth Lock, one having a wash, the other on the lock landing. Later on in the evening we could see tunnels lights and hear spikes being hammered in, we presume the widebeams had moved to above the lock, freeing up below.

Back at Oleanna Mick had been working hard to fit the new alternator. Three bolts and three wires, simple! Except things on the old one had settled in nicely, a touch of corrosion on the negative terminal made getting the nut undone a touch troublesome. Time and patience was required. One bolt was in an awkward position and when it came to fitting the new alternator things didn’t seem to marry up as they should do. It turned out there was a bush on one of the holes that needed adjustment. A tap with a hammer sorted this.

Power restored

All bolted in and connected the engine was fired up, things checked over. Everything working as it should. Hooray!

Time to pack Christmas away, well the lights outside could wait for light tomorrow. The tree was stripped and then given a good soaking in the sink. It will get a day or two inside before being popped in the cratch.

The neon bunny was just about finished off this evening. All limbs sewn on and body stuffed, just a fluffy tail needed. Although I may want to give him longer ears as he’ll be a magicians rabbit. Tilly wasn’t enamoured with it, I may have to hide it away so it doesn’t get beaten up!

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 buses, 24volt 120amp alternator fitted, 2m poly cotton, 1m stiff interfacing, 3m cut to 2 x 1.5ish, 3 widebeams, 1 bunny, 1 miffed cat.

3 thoughts on “Armed With A Hacksaw. 5th January

  1. Mr Brian Holt

    How hot does your alternator get, I had to fir a new one Christmas Morning. As you can see I have got your feed back again.

    1. Pip Post author

      Glad you’ve got your feed back Brian. Mick will come along and answer the alternator question as I have no idea.

    2. Pip Post author

      Hi Brian

      The alternator does get hot to the touch, especially when running the dishwasher. I can feel the fans blowing hot air out. I don’t know the actual temperature it gets to as I don’t have a suitable thermometer. Maybe I should get one. I have seen people on the 12v facebook group sugesting that 80 degrees and over is not unusual for an alternator.
      When we had Oleanna built I specified an upgraded alternator from Beta. Their standard 24v alternator is 80 amps but I knew that having the power hungry dishwasher on board it would be better to get the higher spec 100 amp version.
      I had looked at getting a Travelpower generator but they wanted over 3 grand for that so I went with the upgraded alternator instead. The old one put up with over 5 years of living aboard abuse running the dishwasher most days and the washing machine sometimes too. Along with charging a 150 ah lithium battery bank. I don’t think it did badly. I had always been meaning to get a spare but I never quite got one of those round tuit things. The new one from Beta was expensive but they threw in a new over run protection pulley and fitted it. Their service was very quick and efficient and the new one was in stock and next day delivery. I will get the old one repaired and refurbished, I suspect the bearings have gone and the bushes will no doubt need replacing. Hopefully we’ll get 5 years out of the replacement.


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