50% of Lorry Drivers. 26th December

Bridge 47 to Branston Water Park

Sandy tapped on the roof this morning to wish us well before we were on our way. Good to meet her, hope she enjoys the rest of the winter and our bows will surely cross sometime in the future. We have a vague plan for next year, she still has yet to decide which waterway to explore.

Goodbye Alrewas, thank you for Christmas

We pulled up at the water point to fill the tank, all the washing up over the last few days meant it would take a while to fill up. Other boats had started moving long before us, in both directions and we were passed by a boat heading towards the lock.

Just in the green today

With windlass in hand I walked down to the lock, the boat ahead of us motoring off into the distance, it’s speed increased with the flow on the river. Plenty of walkers about, one chap stood and watched as I emptied the lock, then he walked round with his dog, I thought I was going to have some assistance, but no.

Left span of the bridge please

A glance back towards the gauge, just in the green. Our speed increased to 6mph as we passed the weir then dropped again to 2.5, no change to the throttle. After Wynchnor Lock we were off the river section and up alongside the A38. When heading south we always wave to the lorries as they pass to see who responds. Today I had to stand looking behind us, straight towards the sun. It being Boxing Day there weren’t so many lorries, but we gave everyone a wave. 50% responded with a honk of their horn and a wave.


At Barton Turns we could have stocked up on chutney or jam from an honesty box. This is where I got our strawberry plants from a couple of years ago. The shadows were long at the locks, seeing Mick’s confirmation to wind a paddle up was tricky, a bigger thumbs up required.

Long shadows

A pause by the cafe before the canal turns away from the A38 to dispose of rubbish. Then we were back in the land of narrow bridges, breathing in hoping Oleanna would fit through!

Tatenhill Lock, still as chocolate boxy as it is in the spring and summer. Here we had gongoozlers appear from left and right. It feels odd there being so many walkers after you’ve just cruised past lorries driving back and forth with gravel on one side of the canal and a large builders merchants on the other. But all around are lakes, which today were attracting the Boxing Day walkers.

Tatenhall Lock

Not far now to Branston Water Park where the visitor moorings were empty, we pulled in as soon as we could hoping Tilly would have a less interrupted shore leave. Now either the number of woofer walkers was too much for her or maybe it was the alure of catnip Dreamies that kept bringing her back inside! She did have a good length of time outside just before cat curfew, returning with 5 minutes to spare.


Today was far chillier than yesterday and the cloudless sky gave us a rather lovely sunset.

Crescent moon

4 locks, WE 4.98 miles, Pip Nebo 5.5 miles ( I worked the locks today), Mick Nebo 5 miles, 1 none complaining calf, 1 big wave, 1cm of green, 7 boats moving, 5 out of 10, £3 for chutney or jam, 3 jackets in the stove, 2 big slices of ham, 1 lovely sunset.