Del Boy Pumps. 14th December

‘Avecoat Marina

Christmas card day today. The selection of image this year was pretty straight forward and now that the format has been saved it is quite an easy thing to swap images out from last year, amend the writing then print them out. It used to take forever, with quite a lot of swearing accompaniment.

It’s spitting paper!

A round robin summation of our last year was put together last night and this morning needed a slight alteration as I’d omitted a visit to Birmingham early in the year. With that sorted copies were printed out. Tilly couldn’t cope with the backwards and forwards of the paper in the printer. It kept spitting them out and then swallowing them again! Errgh!!

Cards were scored, trimmed and folded. Greetings written, signed. All ready for stamps. We had quite a lot of left over stamps from previous years, this was the time to use them all up as come next year they won’t be valid. Still a few short and only one large letter stamp remaining.

Even Tilly’s been wrapping presents

#unit21 emails flew around for a while this morning along with whatsap messages from Amy. Lots of trainers were being tried on in Huddersfield, a smaller boiler suit had arrived for the smallest member of the company. A short list of returns will be compiled next week. A good days fittings without having to travel north.

Icy out the back

Mick topped up the water tank. Dish washer and washing machine put to work. However the water pump with the tick started to leak*. The one with the question mark was fitted. This lasted long enough for Mick to have a shower. It was very noisy especially when Mick went to check on it and it was also leaking*, *oll8cks!!!

The third untested pump was fitted. This was quiet, very quiet! It worked, but not very well. The pressure of water coming through the taps was considerably different to normal. With the old pump we know that if you count to 7 and a little bit you have just the right amount of water in the kettle for two mugs of tea or coffee. With this pump we resorted to filling a mug twice, possibly to a count of 20!

Most certainly not enough pressure for a shower. Here’s hoping delivery delays don’t affect our new pumps arrival.

Pastry making

In the afternoon I chopped up some butternut squash, drizzled it with oil and wrapped it in foil on an oven tray, popping it on top of the stove to gradually cook by itself. As it sizzled I made up a batch of sweet pastry for a second batch of frangipane mince pies. Adam had pointed me to the recipe he uses, but it lay behind a paywall. I’d been given enough information to adjust my gluten free pastry recipe, the zest of an orange and to use the juice instead of water to bring it all together. It certainly smelt festive.

The multifuel stove was also used this evening to cook risotto rice for our evening meal. Everything got going on the hob then once the chicken stock was simmering the cast iron pot was popped on top of the stove to carry on bubbling away. It cooked in half an hour, peas and the squash added. Very tasty with a bit of cheese on top.

Butternut squash and chicken risotto

I’d found a knitting pattern for a rabbit, so I cast on the head and worked my way through the pattern. I’ll need to get a bit of stuffing for it once it’s knitted. Progress was slowed somewhat as we watched the last episode of The Serpent which had been broadcast ages ago. Blimey that man was horrid!

0 locks, o miles, 3rd del boy pump, 1 proper one on order, 1 soggy bottom step, 30 round robins, 45 cards, 3 parcels, 1 new recipe pastry, 9 pairs trainers, 1 overall.

A stunning view, but will we ever escape?!


*Having not been able to stick my head in the bottom step to observe the problems with the pumps myself, I have had to rely on information passed to me from Mick, who did have his head in the bottom step. This information led me to believe that each and every pump Mick tried leaked. This was incorrect, they simply just stopped working!