Three In A Lock. 3rd August

Nobles Field GOBA mooring to The Waits to Middle Fen GOBA mooring

A chores day to start with. Being moored against one of the landings on Noble Field meant we had easy access to empty the yellow water. Tilly’s pooh box got a wash and change of litter too. Then we were on our way into St Ives before breakfast.

Straight towards the sun, wind following

Blimey that wind was strong this morning! It took quite a bit of umph to turn us around. Mick changed his mind about backing in to The Waits for water so we headed in forwards. Plenty of space, but not by the water point, our main reason for pulling up the arm. The nice couple on NB Coleen let us pull up alongside and assisted with our hose. After chats we headed inside for breakfast our tummies rumbling by now.

Filling up

Shopping lists were drawn up, one for Waitrose, mostly fruit and veg along with a few bits we had vouchers for. Another for Morrisons, hoping their wine and porridge oats would be cheaper. As soon as the water tank was full we pulled further up the arm and moored right by the steps, ease of access to get the bike off. I headed to Waitrose and Mick to Morrisons, only one item not available at each store, so a quick text between us meant we had everything covered.

The yarn bombed Waits

I was back in time to make a cuppa and be settled in time for a zoom catch up meeting with Amy from Dark Horse regarding #unit21. They are hoping to tour the show early next year but need to wait to see if a funding bid to the Arts Council is successful. We’ve all got our fingers crossed, but have to wait until October before there will be any news.

A quick lunch then it was time to reverse back down the arm and tick off a few miles today.

A cruiser had to turn to let us through, down stream boats have right of way

A cruiser waited for St Ives lock to fill, I hopped off to dispose of our rubbish, the raised wheelie bins with recycling a welcome sight. We were soon joined by another cruiser, all three boats slotting into the lock with plenty of space. I was the only one left up top to press the button for the guillotine gate.

Three in a lock

After warnings from the volunteers at Houghton the other day I was expecting the timer delay not to work, it obliged! You press the button the gate raises a few inches, this is when the delay should start it’s count down. I pressed the button again, it raised a little bit more. I read the long winded notes about to how to overcome the problem which didn’t really make that much sense. A later note concurred with what the volunteers had mentioned. If the timer doesn’t start counting, press the up button again and hold it for a few seconds after the gate has stopped moving. I ended up doing this several times before the counter started to count down more than one second.

Walkers cooling their toes

Everyone below looked up at me. I looked at the counter still counting. I’d finally got it moving when the lock was about two thirds empty. We all just had to wait though.

Last out of the lock we imagined we’d be last to the mooring we were after. But the cruisers had favoured a stop at Honeywell by the pub rather than a field with little access to anywhere else. We pulled in and tied up the outside we’d been moored at a month ago. The steep bank now easier for us after a months more experience of such places.

Trampolining sheep!

As Tilly reacquainted herself with the outside, checking any holes her arms of head would fit down I worked my way through work emails. A long winded email from the producer for panto regarding digs was quickly sorted by a message to Suzanne, the digs I’ve stayed at before are now reserved for me. It’s strange being on the other end of the digs list, it’s normally me receiving enquiries for accommodation in Scarborough.

Who is down here?!

Fabric samples and quotes for panto. Photos of a cloth that we may reuse. An email exchange with the marketing department regarding my programme biog and social media photos. I thankfully have a while longer to get things to them and found out that they are wanting to do a double page spread in the programme on the set design.

Old and new version arches

Then it was back out with the model reworking the sizes of elements for the Tower of London. Much happier with it now, still more details to add, including a few ravens.

1 lock, 4.57 miles, 1 arm reversed down, 2 boxes wine, 1 pot yoghurt, 90 minute catch up, 3 in a lock, 1 flock of trampolining sheep, 3 Kingfisher mooring to ourselves, 1 digs booked, 1 cloth, 2 pages, 3 hours, 1 full water tank, 2 clean boaters, 1 missing blog post still to come.