Petiti Sausage. 4th August

Middle Fen GOBA mooring

Of late there has been little need of my insulating properties in the morning. Or there has been no tea in bed as the outside needed moving early. But today was different, I got to curl up on toes and keep them nice and warm as tea was drunk and things were read in bed.

The rules were read as soon as they were dressed and She said I had ten hours! It was a sausage day!!! I spent most of the morning sat on the catwalk watching and waiting for friends. Tom had to pull the outside that bit closer as overnight it must have wriggled and made the ropes loose.

Soon Tom joined me, sitting in a chair. He knows that at the moment sausage days mean he has to make the most of the outside too, whilst She takes over the whole of the inside. The printer took over most of the bed. The boxes I’m not allowed to sit in took over the sofa. THE BIG box that I must not even ever think of going near kept being moved from table to sofa to table to sofa. The long thin cupboard where She slots things in has been tantalisingly just open for ages and things were slotted in and out. Then other things were slid in and out and just left everywhere! The dinette, the floor, the sofa! Tom and I knew we were much better off outside.

A different panto world

She says it was a productive day, so productive Tom made kedgeree for their dingding whilst she carried on being productive. She was so productive she only took photos of productive things, well and one of spikey plants that stick in my paws!

Setting sun

Tom did things with buckets and I sat waiting for friends. We had a productive day too!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 level up, 1 indoor studio, 1 other world created, 1 list still to complete, 2 options, 1 new bucket, 10 hours, 1 long day, 1 sausage making cat, 1 Petiti sausage day.