Goole, Where The Streets Are Paved With … 8th March

Opposite Spicers Auctioneers to Goole Visitor Moorings

…. Chocolate Muffins!?!

Another chilly morning. Our Sainsburys delivery arrived at the beginning of the time slot, the chap pulled the van up onto the grass right alongside Oleanna and brought out our provisions.

Delivery to the hatch

We’d decided to stock up on all sorts of things and start to fill the freezer again. Six boxes of wine were squeezed under the stern steps along with bags of porridge.

The wind had picked up, thankfully we didn’t plan on going far today, just across to the visitor moorings were a space had become available. If the rumours were true that the gravel barges would be starting again today we’d rather be moored on bollards than spikes in soft earth. Late morning we pushed off and crossed over, squeezing in as far back as we could to the next boat so as not to encroach on the water point. This spot means we shouldn’t have to move for water so a load of washing was put on.

We only saw one barge moving today, Exol Pride.

Half full freezer

I’d bought some pork mince, this gets divided into two for freezing. A large chicken was jointed and skinned then put in bags for the freezer, four meals or a fraction of the price buying bits of chicken. The carcass went straight in a pan with some herbs, seasoning and water, brought up to a near boil on the hob before being left for much of the remainder of the day on the stove to make stock.

We may be near to the water point, but it also means the poo sucky wagon

As we were just about to have lunch the pump out wagon arrived! Perfect timing not! This happened last time we were moored here too. We naturally waited for the aroma to dissipate before we ate.

I had a couple of things to pop in the post, including the smallest socks I’ve ever knitted, a walk into town was on the cards. The socks were made before the March Knitting Challenge started and are for a three week old baby who’s mother I knitted a pair of very odd socks for few years ago. I am undecided as yet whether I should post out the socks I’m making for the challenge as I go, or save them all till the end.

As I walked into town, a three mile round trip, I remembered seeing a pyrex dish in one of the cupboards at the house. Was this one of my Mum’s dishes or was it the one from the boat that I’d be needing tonight? I called Mick and got him to check, no pyrex dish in the cupboard! Damn!! It’s just the perfect size and shape for all sorts of things and now it’s in the wrong place.

I had a look in Boyes, B&M, Asda, all the charity shops around one side of Goole. Yes there were dishes, but not one of a suitable size for two. Grrrr! The dish that’s at the house took long enough to find!

Being moored on the Boat House side we took advantage of stocking up with coal. Viking Marina across the way don’t sell it. 4 bags of 25kg each were added to the one left on the roof from last year. Despite the stern being heavier due to the wine cellar being replenished we now are a touch top heavy, so we sway about in the wind a touch. I think a reorganisation in the well deck is called for so that a bag or two of coal can be moved down to help with this.

We decided that diesel could wait for another day due to the wind. Word is that Viking Marina is cheaper than Boat House, they used to be the same price. With prices rising we obviously want to buy the cheapest. At the moment Boat House is £1.20, we’ll see what it is across the way.

We can eat the other half tomorrow

Tonight’s meal, chicken and butternut squash gratin with a green salad. I had to make double portions to use up the squash and fill the dish I had available.

0 locks, 0.16 miles, 2 much wind, 0 winding, 0 dribbles, 6 boxes wine, 1 freezer stocked up, 14 days currently, 4 bags coal, 1 barge, 1 card, 0-3 month old socks, 1 muffin, 0 pyrex, 1 dish for 4, 1 pot of stock.