Fret! Breach 53. 18th June

Little Tring Bridge

We’d had intentions to move today, not far but at least across the summit pound to Cowroast. However when we woke and checked the forecast we decided that we’d rather not get totally and utterly soaked. There wasn’t even a window in the rainfall that we could see, so instead we decided to stay put for the day.

Mid June!

The temperature had dropped overnight, at first this was a lovely relief as it had become so muggy. Long trousers were needed followed by jumpers, in fact by the afternoon Mick had lit the stove to drive off the chill that torrential rain brings.

Mick did us a small cooked breakfast with what was to hand. The last two eggs were poached in our poach pods, a little bit of rapeseed oil in them to stop the eggs from sticking. Mushrooms, tomatoes, my last slice of Gf bread from the freezer. I also insisted on hash browns, just because Karen had asked about them the other day.

Eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and hash brown

Hash Browns for 2

Wash a medium sized potato, don’t bother peeling it but grate it into a t-towel using the big holes on your grater. Grate about a third of a small onion (if you are called Joa you should omit the onion) into the t-towel too. Wring out as much moisture as you can. Add about a third of a beaten egg, just enough to help things stick together without getting too eggy. A good grind of salt and pepper. Mix well, then cook in a frying pan with a little rapeseed oil (other oils are available). Mick tends to make one big cake cooking it for about 7 mins on each side so that it has a good colour to it and is cooked through. Then it is my job to eat it. Yum.

Make it stop

Tilly was given 9.5 hours, but she wasn’t interested, I think all day she only just managed to step off the boat for a couple of minutes. But she did sit out the back under the shelter of the pram cover watching the steam rising off the canal. In Scarborough we’d call this Fret. The canal has obviously warmed up and the drop in temperature made it steam all day long. It’s the kind of steam you can put your hand out and touch.

Frey drifting by

The other day I’d had a modified idea for the Town Square for panto, today I was determined to see if it was a good idea and bring a touch more green into the opening scene. I liked the shape of the buildings and know that the build will have been priced up on the drawings I’ve already submitted, so I did my best to keep the existing shapes, changing the roof for foliage and the timber into plant stems giving them a touch more of an organic feel. Tomorrow I’ll put them in the model box with everything else to see if they work, but I’m liking the look of them so far.

Mick sat listening to the Women’s Test Match for much of the morning until rain stopped play. He should really have been out with the soft brush giving the cabin sides a good clean down. The port side will have had an extra rinse today. I suspect that the starboard side will now look even worse than it did before despite the almost continuous downpours all day.

Maybe it’s a bit better now

In the C&RT update email this evening they have covered the stoppages around Selby. Tankards Bridge on the Selby Canal is still closed to boats over 7ft high, a road closure will be needed for them to mend the bridge and as yet the Council has not granted one due to work on going on the A19 nearby and the road being used as an alternative root.

Then there is Selby Swing Bridge. From the update it still looks like C&RT are seeking a road closure here too after an over weight lorry crossed the bridge doing no good to the bearings. There may be more news locally from Nigel the Lock Keeper.

With regard to the Aire and Calder breach, there wasn’t anything new in the update. However the local MP has been to the site. The second layer of piling is now complete and the area above the drain has recently had new concrete has been added where the wooden shuttering is behind Andrew Percy. Gradually over the next month tests will be done increasing the water level in the cofferdam. Fingers crossed the big hole is now fixed and there are no more set backs. He does also mention the sections of collapsed bank caused by the low water levels since the breach. C&RT have told him they are not immediately serious and will need addressing over the next year or so.

In other news, there is now the second part of Heather’s trip taking her up to Beverley on the Scholar Gypsy blog here’s a LINK

Last of the quiche

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 very wet day, 1 inch extra of water, 1 stove lit, 1 work day, 3 town houses rethought, 2 minutes shore leave taken, 0 quiche left.

5 thoughts on “Fret! Breach 53. 18th June

  1. joamungoanddog

    Scattered hash browns are my favourite things when we go to the US … They don’t add the egg, but as I’ve never tried to do them, I’ll try your way – definitely without the onions (can’t believe you remembered that)!
    News on kittens is good .. almost lost one a few weeks ago so trips at midnight to emergency vet were done, but some meds and 4 hourly feeds helped and he is now big and fat like his 5 siblings.
    4 go to their new homes this weekend but 2 are homeless still – won’t be long I’m sure as they are adorable and very friendly.
    Went to the Isle of Wight last week for a break – had a great time but it’s a dim and distant memory now!

    1. Pip Post author

      Mick can’t believe I remember things either. The hash browns in the photo had no egg, as we didn’t have a spare one. Mick decided to grate the potato on a smaller hole, but I think they were a touch soggy.
      Glad to hear the kittens are all doing well and most have homes to go to.
      Time is strange at the moment, it feels like we left Goole a lifetime ago, yet it was only a month.

  2. Pip Post author

    I can’t wait to have them again, just need a morning when we’re not up and cruising. Hope you like them

    1. Pip Post author

      It’s starting to warm up again now Frank, a touch parky this morning. I was starting to wish I’d not swapped the duvet from winter to summer.

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