Tilly Time And A Real Stunner. 9th May

Goole to New Bridge Farm ish

Our neighbours nest just visible under the pontoon

The other day I’d found a gluten free white pudding in Morrisons so it was obvious that it needed some accompaniments. Mick worked his breakfast magic whilst I persuaded Tilly that being patient today would pay off, she grumbled at me and returned to bed.


After breakfast we made ready and pushed off reversing out from our mooring, turning to the west for a couple of nights of freedom. All but one of the boats on the visitor moorings were new, David/Paul and Karl along with WB Lullabelle must still be out and about, we’d no doubt see them later.


When I was hunting for any information regarding the breach I joined the Aire and Calder Canal facebook group, not realising that first and foremost it was a fishing group. This now proves to be quite handy as I now know where the matches are being played along our stretch. Yesterday we could have ordered ourselves bacon and sausage rolls to be delivered to a fishing peg near Rawcliffe or New Bridge this morning, but we had a much better spread on board Oleanna.

Every garden should have a slide

We pootled out past Rawcliffe, I wonder whether the new occupants of what was The Black Horse will keep the house in a shoe slide and let moorers use it?

We passed numerous fishermen and looking up towards the bridge at Newbridge the count came to 40, but there was plenty of room for both boats and fishermen along the wide stretch of canal. Up ahead we could see a cruiser and widebeam that had pulled up when we came out here the other day, this was where David/Paul and Karl were along with Lullabelle. We pulled in a distance behind them right by a small wood. Lets just say Tilly’s excitement could be heard for miles!

Once we were tied up, our location from the trip computer noted, what3words taken down and the rules recited (excluding the bit about poohing in Damien’s garden!), the back doors were opened up and one very VERY happy cat launched herself into the friendly cover, ran part way up a tree and then came for a short walk where rocks in the canal caused her to do a Matthews double take. What were they doing in the water!?! Don’t they know they’ll drown if they don’t get out quickly! They obviously are not reminded of the rules everyday.

They are putting themselves at risk!

Mick and I walked up to chat with David/Paul and Martin all part of the Escape Committee. We talked of dates and an adjusted date due to my second jab, they were both up for accompanying us to Selby and then Keadby. At Selby none of us would be able to share the lock sadly, but if our arrival is spaced out we should be fine, departure I suspect the flat bottomed boats will leave first to be caught up by the cruiser.

The rest of the day was taken up with panto model painting and the cooking of a roast chicken, not quite managing to finish off the last sweet potatoes from Tree Top Press, one left.

Now for the stunning part of the day.

The sunset.

It started off quite dramatically with the amount of cloud cover.

The the sun dipped behind the horizon.

Colours shot up into the clouds above us which reflected themselves in the canal. The constant water flowing in from the pumps at the breach gives the water a gentle ripple.

Really quite magical. You don’t get such views from the house in Scarborough.

This is one of the reasons we love boat life.

0 locks, 3.85 miles, 1 big breakfast, 40 fishermen, 39 breakfast butties, 3 in the flotilla, 12 fingers 4 paws crossed for good weather, 1 cat who remembers boat life all too well, 0.75 hours late return for dingding, 1 roast chicken, 1 stunner of a sunset, 2 content boaters, 1 exhausted cat, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.

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    1. Pip Post author

      Yay indeed! Hopefully we’ll be doing a lot more miles than the four possible soon.

  1. christinegeraghty

    loved the sky photos. Our lack of sky views is very sad, I used to have great views of the sunset from the 4th floor of my appartment block in Glasgow. Still miss it

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