Stormy Weather. 10th May

Newbridge the other side

Tilly was of course eager to go out this morning. The proximity of the Dutch River and the mounting wind gave us reason to move, not far but to the other side of the canal. So before breakfast we pushed off, pootled a short distance westwards, winded and then got blown into the side. Mick did his best to avoid grating the newly painted gunnels on the armco, but it was impossible to stop before the inevitable happened. I have to say I haven’t looked.


On our new mooring there are fields that reach out to the M62, no drains for cats to get stuck on the far side of, or tidal waters to sweep her away. But there is also no shelter and the wind was really quite brisk, not ideal hunting weather.

Tilly came and went until she got bored of the blowyness, then resided herself to a sofa day.

Fishing results from yesterday if you are interested, Mick Bower was the winner with 45lbs 8oz of Roach. His win was £165, not a bad Sunday.

A day of panto painting for me. I moved onto the Cotswold Thunderbolt. Opening an art calendar I got for Christmas the other day I came across a painting of a fantastic ship which changed the way I wanted to paint the Thunderbolt. This meant re-making the model pieces to get cleaner colours. I gradually worked my way through the flats and so far I’m happy with it. Hooray!

The wind grew. Rain started. Blimey it got blustery out there!


Thunder started too as large anvil shaped clouds whisked their way overhead. Foot high waves skirted across the canal. Rain blew in down the side of the cratch cover and a small stream of water made it’s way across the well deck. The footage below was after the worst of the wind but the thunder rumbles on.

We were really glad we’d not gone out on the river today as others had. Two boats, one narrowboat and a widebeam had headed out from Ocean Lock with a Pilot. They penned out at 06:50, arriving at Blacktoft Wharf at 08:45. They were going to remain moored at the wharf until the tide turned at 15:05, a long wait in the howling gales and thunder. Hopefully they survived the afternoon and penned up at Keadby safely. We’ve not heard anymore on the group.

Something’s up with our radio

When the weather calmed down a touch, Mick put on his overalls and climbed down into the engine bay. Despite Oleanna not having done 750 hours between fuel filter changes he had decided to clean/ change them. There was a touch of crud and the fuel was a bit emulsified. That’s another check done before our departure.

Just the brown to do

Sadly he ran out of nappies and blue roll whilst doing the change, so nappies were added to our next delivery and a t-towel stuffed in the vent from the engine bay into the main cabin. Yes ventilation is very important, but neither of us wants to sit in a boat stinking of diesel all night.

Mick made a phone call to ABP to book our penning down onto the Ouse. This was his second attempt as there had been nobody suitable to make his booking with earlier in the day. So the second go was timed around high water. This time Mick was told to call back giving 48hours notice, we’re a while off that so will have to note it in the diary.

0 locks, 0.16 miles, 1 wind, 1 extreamly windy day, 5 thunderbolt flats, 1 windy bottom, 12.5lbs in the lead, 1 stove lit, 2 filters, 4 rainbows, 3 thunderstorms, 2 boats clinging on at Blacktoft.