Goole Rainbow. 18th April


Exactly six months ago we turned Oleanna into Viking Marina in Goole, imagining that we’d be able to come down to visit her for the odd weekend, maybe even have a few weeks onboard bringing the second mate with us. But for a couple of reasons that just wasn’t to be, Covid and a whacking great big hole in the canal.

18th September 2020

So after breakfast this morning I finished off adjusting an old curtain that had been made for a show, an extra couple of inches required in length to cover one of the archways in the house. Then piles of things were gathered together to take to Oleanna.

Blimey it’s hard to remember what we’d left on board all that time ago! Back in September there had been a method, things bagged up to take to the house for washing, then returned and stowed in vacuum bags. But had some items not been returned as yet, would we have pillows, towels etc? I’m normally very good at remembering such things, but because it was an ongoing job and we’d be visiting regularly (well that was the plan) I hadn’t filed it all away in my brain! So an element of keeping our fingers crossed was needed.

Then there was the sit down with Tilly to explain. My Sunday morning snooze was interrupted! Oh blimey a meeting!! What was She going to say!?! I was going to be left in charge of the house and I was to be good. She said that they were going to the boat but I’d be left behind in Scarboreugh as all sorts of things would be happening and it was best I didn’t get in the way. Bloomin cheek! I just rolled my eyes and went back to sleep, not much else I could do.

Everythings back to the old normal now, queues to get out from B&Q

With the hire car packed we stopped off at Toolstation to collect an order, a quick pop into B&Q which meant then joining the queue to get out. Morrisons also had a visit for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, then we were on our way passing the queue at the drive through Macdonalds.

The Wolds were pretty, some daffodils just past their best, others just sagging their heads in need of a drink. The rapeseed yellow is starting to show in the fields and the blackthorn blossom is wonderful.

Sunny skies through the hatch

Oleanna sat in the sunshine an easy step onto the bow today. Levels now seem to be pretty constant in their Goole dock type fluctuating way. All windows were opened, hatch, bow and stern doors swung open, a lovely breeze flowing through.

Mick set about turning everything on and then started to fully empty the water tank. This had last been filled I think at Pollington Lock back in September and we’ve been gradually using up the water washing mugs when we’ve visited. We don’t normally get worried about the water in the tank as there is enough chlorine in tap water to keep it good whilst living on board. But after six months we wanted to sterilize the tank.

We’ve done this once before, when we bought Lillian. With an empty tank Mick poured about 0.75 litres of Milton into the tank and then refilled her right up. This was left in the tank for around an hour before taps were turned on to fully drain the tank again. This should have killed off anything in the tank. Hopefully we’ll now be around enough to keep the water flowing through the tank and keeping it fresh once again.

The mattress covers had been taken to be washed at the house. With no instructions on their labels I’d emailed the company to seek advice. By the time a reply of ‘dry clean only’ came back they were already going round on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. Today I would see if this had done them any harm. Thankfully they went back on without any problem.

Look at that sky

Next job was to find bedlinen and duvets and pillows. They were all there, most in a vacuum bag under the bed. Towels were present too. The linen/office cupboard got a good sort through. Items from the random cupboard were checked for things we don’t use anymore. This was worth doing as more space was made.

Under the bed was a large vacuum bag of yarn and fabric. Well the fact it was stashed away in the dark and awkward to get to meant I don’t really need it on the boat. It went straight into the car boot for storage in the house.

I never thought of myself as having a yarn stash!

At the stern I cleared out the bike/hanging cupboard. We’ve had two Brompton bicycles onboard since 2014, one is easily accessible, the other would mean taking the step out and since it went in there four years ago it has never been used. This bike was taken to Scarborough a few months ago. A sort out of hats, gloves and waterproofs then I could add the life jackets.

This cupboard also has a shelf which is a touch of a shed for tools and useful things. Above is what we call the Nicholsons shelf. Big enough for a mug to be put on, log book, nicholsons guide book, phone charger and the old phone we use for Waterways Routes lives here. Other items had crept onto the two shelves so a tidy of them followed too.

Then the bottom drawer. Here were still jars of Trent Lock Blackberry Jam from 2015. We haven’t eaten jam for years, so these along with some incredibly well fermented chutney all headed to the bins. The new found space was instantly used with our stash of goodies from Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.


Mick happened to look out out of the side hatch and caught the sight of a huge black plume of smoke from the other side of the canal. People had come out to watch. It was actually coming from a scarp yard in Old Goole across the Dutch River.

Sunsetting with smoke

Thankfully the thick black smoke was heading upwards before the breeze caught it, meaning it headed right over our heads. The view from one side of the boat was bright blue sky, the other was thick black.

Blue arrow pointing at us

As I caught up on news from the London Leckenbys we could not only hear explosions but feel them too. Jac on the other end of the phone was astounded at how loud they were. Fire engines could be heard at intervals arriving. The smoke kept coming and coming.


I’d prepared a Lassaka in Scarborough, a cross between lasagne and moussaka, no aubergine or pasta, which went in the oven as we stowed things and made space for ourselves. To accompany our meal we decided to open a bottle of Christmas wine that we’d stocked up with back in September. Very nice it was too. All the time the smoke continued. Then an alarm at the docks decided to join in, this was going to be such a lovely first night back onboard Oleanna!

A Goole Rainbow

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 winds, 2 inches short, 1 lasakka, 1 full car, 2.5 litres danish oil, 3 types sandpaper,1 boat sitting waiting for us, 2 grimy door handles, 2 covers fitted, 1 tank emptied twice, 1 tank filled twice, 2 duvets found, 1 misplaced wash bag, 1 black rainbow, 1 alarm, 7 big bangs, only 1 Line of Duty, 2 happy boaters, 1 grumpy cat.

Sunday selfie at home

9 thoughts on “Goole Rainbow. 18th April

  1. Anonymous

    Ahhhh and rest! Back on the boat, what could be better, well just no breech I guess. But hey your floating home is looking good patiently waiting.
    Nice eggs n bacon too! Looks spot on that.

  2. Sandra Walsh

    Hopefully you’ll be back on board and travelling soon? Looks fabulous.

    Just wondering why the photos on the blog look weird when I read it on my mobile? They’re in long thin columns … Look perfect on my laptop 😉

    1. Pip Post author

      Thanks Sandra. We have fingers crossed fir tide times and the weather to be on our side.
      Not sure about the photos thing. Mick has had a look on his phone, both the website and via email and it all looks as it should.

        1. Pip Post author

          It does look a touch strange! I will pass it onto the IT department to see what he thinks.

          1. Sandra Walsh

            They’ve been like that for a while. Thinking columns when it’s a gallery so I can’t make out what on earth the photos are of 🤔

          2. Pip Post author

            So it’s not been like this always. Could it be since we changed to About 3 – 4 weeks ago? It looks like it does if I write the post in mobile mode. No one else has mentioned it which is interesting.

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