Mulling Time. Breach 43, 17th April

Another fine Saturday means that Mark has been back out with his drone.


Not much has changed in the last week, which for some will be frustrating, not seeing any progress. For me I think the engineers have been, seen what’s what and are coming up with solutions to mend the breach. There may be several solutions to the problem, so some mulling time will be required to see which is the best. Budget, timescale and longevity all come into it and it’s not as if they can nip down to B&Q to buy a Large Breach Repair Kit in three buckets and a bag of concrete with a free shovel thrown in! If only!

Hopefully they will put out an update soon, it is nearly a month since the last one!


More concrete blocks have been put down alongside the drain below the canal. There is also a line of them across the roadway, presumably put there to stop any body turning up wanting to drive right up to the breach site.


Where the puddle was last week there is a bit more water, but the small stream from the eastern end is now dry. I think I can make out a small pump on the western side, there to remove any water that makes its way in at that end.


But the biggest thing is that there is no sign of the floating pontoon. Even in the long distant shot Mark took there is no sign. According to a comment made on the photos, it was dismantled last Monday and removed from the site.

So we just have to wait for any more news.


Mark also did a flight over the marinas in Goole today. Viking on the left and Goole Boathouse on the right. It’s good to see Oleanna and Lisa’s boat even if it is from a distance. Maybe we should turn Oleanna round so that she can be more sociable.

Viking Marina

There was also a photo of the caisson gates. Paul from Waterway Routes had been in touch recently wanting to check that he had them on his maps facing the right direction, they were correct.

Goole caisson 17/4/21

In past photos of the caisson gates you have been able to see where the stop planks are below the water as there has been a slight level difference between the docks and the canal, due to water being used in the locks. But today the level looked just that, level. The stop planks will need to be removed for those boats wanting to escape from Rawcliffe Bridge. It has been suggested this may happen in the next couple of weeks, but nothing official yet.