No One Told Me It Was A Sausage Day! 12th May

Cape of Good Hope Friendly Cover and Sideways Trees

Communications have broken down! This morning She said I had an hour and a half, so despite this being a good outside (She is dubious about this) I stuck to the time scale I had been given. They talked to the screen that talks (reduced family this morning, Tromso and the Humber), then I came back for my Dreamies and what did they do? Had breakfast! So that was another hour I could take, but no-one told me so!!!

Tom nearly forgot the hash browns!

I took the situation into my own paws, if they were going to sit about ALL day someone had to be active. Kwiwi Tom and She went off exploring, but they didn’t take me, I was already far too busy! The friendly cover is quite dense in parts here, some stretches there are pretty flowers too. The trees and sideways trees kept the outside cool, whilst She and Tom got a little overheated on the inside.

Pretty spiky flowers

A touch of self catering was required to supplement my biscuits, then I thought I’d best return to check they were alright. Tom had been busy washing things, not Oleanna, don’t be silly, it was ‘too hot for that’ She said.

Socks taking up ALLLLL the space

A power nap was required, just a shame there wasn’t much room for me. She and her bloomin socks! All the stringy stuff is still filling up a pull out box that I want to be in. At least she opens it up once a week and I can check to see if I’d fit. She says a nice Boat She wanted a second pair of socks so there are only twelve pairs left. I’d need two pairs to keep my paws warm in winter, but I’m holding back in case anyone else wants some. She says ‘I’m not sure @justgiving accept Dreamie donations’

I don’t like tunnels, She and Tom don’t like this one! And it isn’t on the Oxford, even I know that!

After an exceptionally long hour and a half I was locked in, so She could go out. She said she was ‘only going to get a pint of milk‘, I saw her going to the pub! She never takes me to the pub!!!

Casting off pair 19

Later in the afternoon I heard She say ‘well that was a load of effort all for nothing!‘ Over the last few days She’s been getting messages from an Indecisive She who isn’t happy with their inside, when would She be moving into our inside in Scarboreugh! Well Indecisive She isn’t anymore. Well She is, she isn’t! So much twoing and throwing!

I’m not so good at reading, it’s all fuzzy

We all watched to see if the pink boat could squeeze through a tunnel. But instead of that we got to watch someone’s watch instead!

Plenty of friendly cover

Now if Tom or She had told me that today was going to be a sausage day I’d have pacepawed myself better. But I kept having to make the very most of it all, it was exhausting. I came in inside several times to see if it might be dingding time, it was only on the last visit that it actually was! What a relief!!

Only room for me on the floor now! Night night

Some poultry pink dingding and then I could sleeeeeeee……………p

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 lumpy cup of tea, 1 fresh pint, 1.5 hours turned into 9! 1 pooped boat cat, pair 19 finished, £885 raised so far, 7 lots of thank you for coming home Dreamies, 3 friends, 17 trees climbed, 2 loads washing, 0 thunder storms as forecast, 2 1 Mrs Tilly stamps of approval, It’s already got one!

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