Stocking Up. 4th March

Viking Marina, Goole


Time to get stocked up on essentials, well after a cuppa in bed. The food order was in with Tescos for a click and collect. With only one bag of coal on the roof, which we’d just opened, we needed to stock up. Viking Marina don’t sell coal, across the way used to, but there was no mention of it on their website. Whilst we’d been on board for the TLC week there had been a coal wagon arrive, sadly we’d not taken note of the company, but a quick scout round on the internet brought us to Coopers Fuels in West Cowick.

Bags of warmth

6 bags of 25kg of Excel were bought and popped in the back of the van. Now it was time to pick up the shopping, however…. I had a voice message from a lady at Tescos saying that all their systems were down so no-one had been able to pick our shopping. We could move the click and collect to the afternoon or evening or just cancel it. We had no option but to cancel our order, the van was due back in Scarborough late afternoon and there was still a visit to the tip to be done to get rid of the old dinette cushions. We’d have to go and shop the old fashioned way.

Hope they’ll move the outside soon, I don’t think much of this one!

Big signs were everywhere. They could only accept transactions with chip and pin, not even cash sales. They’d had a big upgrade to their computer system last night, this morning not even the scan and shop things worked! A big shop takes quite a bit of thinking about so I was glad I had access to the order in an email. We worked our way round the store as efficiently as possible. Blimey I hoped there would be room for everything back on board!

Not quite the right spelling

Back to Oleanna to off load, coal on roof, fridge and freezer items put away. I got a lift into town and Mick headed back across the Wolds to finish off in the house and return the van.

Big hooks half the price of B&Q!

A visit to Boyes was a must. Suitable screws to use in The Shed, roller sleeves for painting the gunnels, something to be able to store my rice pancakes in and new fun fur for Tilly’s scratch post. Fun fur was only available in a seriously shaggy length and at quite a price, so instead I bought a pair of Teddy fleece pillowcases, half the price for twice as much.

Pizza tray, pancakes, net cover.

Items onboard a boat should ideally have more than one purpose, so a pizza tray for the oven was big enough and not too chunky to store my pancakes flat, it will also keep pizzas from dirtying the oven shelves. With the net cover over the top to hold everything together, job done.

Still a bit more space left

Back on board it was warm, the stove was turned right down. Time to repack food for the freezer, everything comes with so much air around it! Mince was split into meal size quantities, a chicken jointed and skinned, five meals from one bird.

Time to select the yarn for the next pair of sockathon socks. I’m wanting to do some colourwork on this pair. Last week I tried a couple of methods for carrying floats across the back. At first I thought the ladderback Jacquard wasn’t worth it, but trying on the sample made me change my mind. Yarn selected I wound it into cakes and cast on the toe.

With Mick away for the night I cooked up some Tiger Prawns with fried rice whilst he ordered a full on gluten pizza from Pizza Tempo back in Scarborough. Tilly and I then caught up on Pottery Throwdown, a favourite.

0 locks, 0 miles, 6 bags coal, 7 bags shopping, 2 pillowcases, 5 cushions to the tip, 14mm and 12mm in case, 1 full fridge, 1 full freezer, 1 wine cellar restocked, 10 prawns, 1 pizza, 1 boat all stocked up.

9.1 pairs knitted

32 pairs spoken for

42.9 to go

£715 raised

5 thoughts on “Stocking Up. 4th March

  1. Lucy Neatby

    I’m watching your departure process with longing! The familiar feeling of squeezing a quart into a pint pot and stocking up with heavy grocery supplies. Sadly no canal time for me this year.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Sorry to hear we won’t have the opportunity to meet up this year. Tilly is very happy to be back out on the boat. Keep cuddling Max.

  2. DonM

    I’m wondering where the spelling mistake is on the wine box photo or did I miss something?

  3. DonM

    Ah! I see. Two very distinct regions in NZ. They definitely don’t produce wine in Waiouru.

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