1st Stamp Of 2024. 5th March

Viking Marina to Sykehouse Junction, New Junction Canal

When I woke I popped the emersion on, yesterday I’d let it run for 90 minutes and the water was at best almost hot. I hoped for better this morning. In the end I gave it a boost by adding in the central heating and ended up with enough hot water for a shower.

Mick was soon on a train back from Scarborough, the house ready for our first lot of lodgers, just the plants to pick up at some point. I decided to give Tilly’s scratch post a make over, well the base of it which has lasted almost ten years, 8 with it’s current owner. Stripping off the old cover took some time, but with pliers and a flat headed screw driver it all came off in a dusty mess. New fabric was cut to size and then stapled on the back, the post was bolted back on and a square of fabric stapled over the bolt and washer to save it scratching the newly oiled floor. Job done, still a bit wobbly, but Tilly hasn’t complained about it yet.

Once Mick was back we went over to check out and pay our electric bill with Laird. A meter reading was done, but the one from when we arrived had gone awol. A historical one was found on the system but we’d never have used that much. Mick checked to see what our inverter thought we’d used, a bill of £32 sounded far more like it for 5 months and everyone was happy. We thanked Laird, returned to Oleanna for a spot of lunch then it was time.

Green coiled up ropes

The Nebo switch was switched on (voltage sensitive relay will be added soon) and push back was at 14:32. It was nice to be leaving the build up of diesel and urgh that had surrounded us in the marina. Mick reversed Oleanna out of our mooring, winded in the marina and then turned us to face west.

Marinas serve their purpose for us, but it’s not our natural habitat, at least this year we didn’t feel hemmed in amongst other boats having a bank side mooring. Downside of the mooring however was the amount of mud that got splashed up from puddles.

Goole caisson

Through Goole Caisson which had been closed for maintenance until ten days ago.

Weather tight

Along the long straights, a slight kink at Rawcliffe. Under the M18. Past the chunky tree house which now has a completed roof, not sure how it was five months ago, but it looks more weather proof than I remembered. Past the breach site and round the bend.

The steam from Drax cooling towers just visible in the background

Drax came into view behind us, time to wave the NORF goodbye. Well Drax will stay in view for a while, but this stretch of canal now has the feeling of the start or end of a years boating. We’re having to admit to ourselves that we are no longer full on live aboards / continuous cruisers.

It’s good to be outside and moving again

Round the next bend and towards Sykehouse Junction. Now where should we moor? Part of the bank along the New Junction is cordoned off as the metal top is leaning towards the canal. Or do we go just past the junction and moor with chains round the metal bar where Kingfishers fish? We opted to turn into the New Junction and pull up on the stretch of moorings that hasn’t been affected, easy to tie to and no wet knees.

Tilly’s excitement from inside the boat could be heard for miles! No photographic proof as she was darting from window to window checking out the outside. This is the most active she has been in five months. Our location was noted before the rules were recited, then she was off like a shot, staring into the friendly cover and pouncing. We have a happy cat once again.

Drax, Sykehouse Junction and Tilly, free again

A roast chicken was prepared, spitting on the clean oven glass, and enjoyed.

To make up for Tilly’s very exciting day I got the flea and tick spot on treatment out, never a popular thing to do and it means no head nudges will be given for a couple of days, but needs must!

Tonight will be the first test of our new batteries. Mick is confident all will be good in the morning.

0 locks, 6.5 miles, 1 wind, 1 left, 1 boat back out on the cut, 2 happy boaters, 1 ecstatic cat, 1 roast chicken, 1 tank of proper hot water, 1 blog writer trying to remember how to do maps! 1st Mrs Tilly stamp of approval of 2024.


6 thoughts on “1st Stamp Of 2024. 5th March

  1. SAM

    That’s a lovely, quiet ‘middle of nowhere’ mooring.
    Good to see you moving again.
    We’re currently suffering boat withdrawal symptoms as ‘Red Wharf’ is undergoing a repaint.


    1. pipandmick Post author

      It’s good to be moving, even if it’s only spits and spurts for a while.
      Be interested to hear where you are getting ‘Red Wharf’ repainted.

    2. SAM

      Reckon our Gog would like that mooring too.
      RW is in Dadfords Shed, Stourbridge. John the Paint is doing the honours.

      1. Pip

        Tilly says, Gog would hate that outside, it really isn’t very good at all, substandard. Gog should never allow you to tie that outside up!
        Thank you for the painting info.

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