Moving Day. 8th October

Time to get packing.

Straight out of the hatch

Somethings have been left out knowing that they could just go straight into the van, other things need packing such as my herbs and spices, I have a handy shoebox for this that during the summer months is used to store panto model bits.

We worked our way through the morning, packing clothes, food from the drawers. Tools that might be needed, sewing machine, mustn’t forget the sewing machine!

We could just about fit all of Oleanna in that van!

A gap appeared between cars so we took the opportunity to turn the van round to make our exit easier.

An early lunch, then it was time to pack the dinette cushions. I have an intention to reupholster these in the next few months, also replace the foam of the two cushions that get sat on the most. Where did you get your foam from a few years ago Adam?

Herbs and spices packed

Fridge, freezer emptied. Yellow water tank pumped out, pooh bucket changed for a new one already set for use. One last visit to the marina toilet.

The last things to pack, Tilly’s possessions. The escape pod was collapsed, a selection of good toys zipped inside it for safe keeping. Tilly was warned that it was her last chance to go to the loo, she didn’t take me up on it before the pooh box was cleaned out. Everything packed, now it was Tilly’s turn!

She’d had a less fretful morning than usual on a moving day, but its still hard to get her into the cat carrier. Puppy pad and rescue remedy already in there she still protested LOUDLY!!!

See you soon

Goodbye Oleanna we’ll see you soonish.

Well if only she’d actually said what was happening, then I’d have used the pooh box before she’d cleaned it. First stop was within 100 yards of the marina gate. She keeps saying that maybe sitting down in the caravan would be better for me. I tried it. She was right. She then moved the caravan to sit on her lap and I got a view out of the window. Blimey Tom was was moving the outside FAST!


She then said that maybe it would be better if I laid down. As she’d been right about sitting down I thought I’d give it a try. Maybe She is right about such things, but the outside was moving so fast I decided to stick my head in the corner and not look. She then suggested that maybe they should get me a teleporter, or a tardis. A tardis would be better, the caravan is half blue afterall!

Despite the amount of SHOUTING! from inside the tardis, Tilly did really well, only one stop required for the whole journey back to the house. We were really proud of her. Maybe she now knows where she’s heading, maybe we’ve got the journey more comfortable for her, it still could be better.

It took quite some time to unload the van, things being offloaded into the house to be out of the way tomorrow. A quick check round to see if anything had been left by our lodgers. We’d gained one pair of trainers. One really quite dirty shower, a sticky handrail and a few bits of the hoover missing!

A chippy tea

We unpacked as much as our energy allowed then enjoyed fish and chips from Capplemans, now a tradition on our first night back in the house.

Tomorrow scaffolding, joiners arrive. Here hopes everything goes according to plan that’s been in place since May.

Tilly back in residence, she likes stairs

The blog will go quiet now unless there is anything boaty to report on, there will be panto postcards. Then once panto is behind me and I’m recovered we plan on having a few visits to Oleanna. There’s a long list of jobs to be done, some requiring Tilly not to be around, some upgrades, plus a very good clean!

The malt vinegar collection has expanded again!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 van trip, 1 stop, 1 slightly quieter journey, 1 house again! 2 of each, 2 pooped boaters, 1 scratch post forgotten, 1 early start in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Moving Day. 8th October

  1. Ade

    Hope all goes well back in Scarborough.
    Time for me to try and catch up! Think I missed the whole end of summer and a lot of September!
    Happy Pantoing!

  2. Adam

    I can’t believe I didn’t put in the blog where the foam came from! It’s taken a little while to research that it was — and some of ours had the corner cut out, which they did really well. And we had the stockinette covers too, as recommended to make it easier to get them into the covers. Now three years ago and still pretty good.

    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you, I’ll have a look today and measure up. Next will be choosing a fabric, I like that bit.

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