AA 89. 7th October

Viking Marina

Back in the saddle

Up early, Tilly left with a full bowl of biscuits, but how to get both of us with dry feet to the station? Albert Street always has a puddle close to the main gates of the marina, at the moment it is really rather deep. Mick dug out his wellies and I re-acquainted myself with riding the brompton bike. Having the bike with us would assist me in the mile walk to the station, although when we got near to the main road I decided that I was a touch wobbly so walked instead.

Train in view

We were early for the train north, no bad thing as we didn’t want to get caught out if ships had been moving around the docks necessitating a swing bridge to be closed. Today we alighted the train in Seamer, the last stop before Scarborough. I found somewhere to perch whilst Mick cycled off to pick up a van. The one we’d booked had a couple of things wrong with it, but when an engine warning light lit up Mick was offered another van with a long wheelbase. More than enough room for us, just a bit more awkward to maneuver.

Class 37 Victorious

Into town to the house, we needed to pick up a few things for our move, crates, cool box and cat caravan. We knocked on the door, always a strange thing to do at your own house. We picked up the bits, checked on a reported leak in the kitchen then headed off leaving our lodgers to get ready for work.


Thank goodness we’d booked a table at EatMe for lunch as they were fully booked. We enjoyed burgers each, always worth a visit. Then there was time to kill. After walking into town my foot didn’t fancy going any further, a look at the sea would have to wait, so we sat ourselves on the sofas in the foyer of the SJT. This turned out to be a good move as our friend Lee walked in and had time for a catch up chat.

Constant Companions is Alan Ayckbourn’s 89th play. Three intertwined stories of humans and android lovers filled the round stage at the SJT. The audience kept very amused but also slightly concerned as the androids say that they will miss us when we’re gone, as in the human race! A very good afternoon followed by many hellos in the foyer with lodgers past and present, plus the assistant producer from Dark Horse. Lovely to see everyone.

Goolish cakes on Falsgrave

Time to head back to Goole, over the Wolds arriving back at the marina after dark. Getting the extra long wheelbased van into the parking area was a bit interesting, but Mick managed to do it leaving enough room for other vehicles to get passed without having to bump into Oleanna. Tilly cuddles and cheese on toast to end the day.

She knows, but we’re not talking about it

0 locks, 0 miles, 0.5 miles by bike, 1 giant puddle, 1 train, 1 extra long van, 2 burgers and chips, 1 Lee, 0 Duncan, 1 Connor, 89th play (heading to Bowness and Newcastle Under Lyme), 2 androids, 1 run down, 1 van ride, 1 happy cat.

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      Ade, it was a Rail Head Treatment Train, and there was another class 37 at the other end. It is of course leaf fall season.


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