Will We Ever Get Up There? 15th September

Lincoln Visitor Moorings

The alarm was set early and Mick headed off for a dental appointment in Scarborough. The only appointment he’d been able to get was too early to catch a train hence the hire car. The journey was pretty foggy until he reached the Humber Bridge where the sun had burnt it’s way through, then it was an easy drive over the Wolds.

After his appointment he had a little drive out to Langdale End where great friends used to live and where he stayed when he first moved north. More changes to the Manor House. Back in Scarborough he went to pick up a repeat prescription only to find it had been sent to Superdrug in Banbury! A new one was done and will be ready for collection in Lincoln.

Calcium and vit C with lots of maple syrup too!

Meanwhile back on board Tilly and I enjoyed Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast, maybe a few two many, but at least there were two of us to share them! Our nearest neighbours moved off and the Brayford Belle started it’s trips up and down the canal, commentary blasting out about the Romans and linking Lincoln to Torksey, Nottingham and York. I got to hear the same bits three times today.

Brayford Belle

More knitting the start of the eighth sock was done in front of Olivia Coleman in Them That Follow (2019) where a religious sect incorporate snake handling into their services. Love, pregnancy, snake bites made for a cringing mornings viewing.

More of a pudding flapjack

Some apple crumble flapjack was made, the apples purchased to accompany some blackberries for a crumble a few weeks ago. But we’ve not managed to forage enough blackberries, so some flapjack will keep us going.

Will we ever make it to the Cathedral?

In the afternoon I decided to have a little walk to see how I fared. The start of freshers week in Lincoln meant the area around Brayford Pool was busy with young people walking round with their parents in tow. I made it as far as a bench with a view across the pool up to the Cathedral. Is this the closest I’ll get to it this visit?

Under the Brayford Way Bridge

We’ve been to Lincoln at least twice before, but never managed to get up to the Cathedral or Castle. We’ve headed here for several reasons, one was to be tourists and finally tick the Steep Hill and the buildings that lie at the top of the ascent off the next time list. As I walked back to Oleanna my toe hurt. Maybe the next time list will remain until next time!

My little thug watching the students arrive

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 trip to Scarborough, 1 monastery extension, 1 more film, 0.8 of a sock, 1 bored cat, 1864 hobbled paces, 2 tidal locks booked, 1 aching toe.