Lincoln. 14th September

Burton Waters to Lincoln Visitor Moorings

Another soggy start to a day, makes me feel better for not being able to get on with the boat jobs I have in my head, unfortunately they really need doing before winter takes hold!

Drizzly morning

First thing today was to turn into Burton Waters Marina to top up with diesel, we’d rather be full on tidal waters. The service point is just inside the flood gates and to the left, we pulled in. Big signs warn of the area being a combustion site. No smoking, turn your engine off, do not use your phone. They sell not only diesel but petrol too as many cruisers use the later. A few years ago they had a serious fire, so no wonder there are many signs.

At the pumps

The price was a surprise, we’d expected it to be pretty high, but at 96p a litre! The lowest we’ve paid for a while.

Back out to the canal

I stayed as look out at the bow. There is what looks like a mirror opposite the marina entrance to help you look for oncoming boats. However all it seems to be is a grey thing pointing at the water, not reflecting anything. Good job I was there, as we popped our bow out a cruiser was coming past a quick stop for both of us.


Oleanna turned towards Lincoln, more new water for her. We were now following a narrowboat and the cruiser, would there be any room on the visitor moorings? Soon the long line of permanent moorings was being passed. Some lovely big boats, some wooden boats and quite a few boats that don’t look like they go anywhere anymore.

Heading into Lincoln

The services mooring was free, we disposed of yellow water and rubbish, topped up with clean water. Then it was time to see if our luck was in on the visitor moorings. Bingo! Room for two!! Marvellous.

Another day another film with my foot up

An afternoon in front of The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), apt for today only in name. Mick Haller a defence lawyer is called in to defend the son of a wealthy LA business woman who is accused of assaulting a prostitute. He claims he is innocent, however parallels are found with a murder case. Another sock was finished today.

Inside a heel

Late afternoon Mick headed off to pick up a hire car. Being able to park next to the boat was very handy especially when doing a supermarket shop.

0 locks, 2.7miles, 2 lefts, 1 wind, 82 litres, 2 day mooring, 1 pair of socks arrived, 2 packed to post, 1 of a pair knitted, 2nd fee, 1 bored cat again, sorry Tilly.