Shrunk or Grown. 26th 27th January.

King’s Marina

I was off to catch a train, well three that would get me to Huddersfield mid morning. The current track record of Transpennine Express is really quite poor, trains being cancelled here there and everywhere, so my last leg of the journey couldn’t be guaranteed. Thankfully all went to plan without too long standing on platforms in the cold. I even got to see Lincoln Cathedral from my first train way way off in the distance.

Coming into the marina to fill up

Mick was left to check in with Paula the marina manager at King’s. She was wanting to give us the best deal on mooring, cheaper to pay for three months than on a daily rate. However, as soon as we know that the way ahead is open, the tides are right and I’m not at work we will be moving downstream. So Mick opted to pay weekly.

Borrowing the directors sewing machine meant I could finish sewing one costume. Now all nine actors have overalls they can wear to rehearse in over the next few weeks. We got everyone into their costumes to check them over. Had anything changed? One chaps overall seemed a touch too tight, easy to undo a couple of darts in the back. Sadly someone else was in a situation where the zip wouldn’t do up, a case of shrinking and expanding going on in unison. Notes were taken for expansion, all those off cuts from arms and legs come in handy for waist lines.

Mark, Rebekah, Alice and Meghan

Time to position the numbers I’d made. With everyone stood in a row they looked like mug shots of convicts.

Drawn out and based in

Rehearsals continued elsewhere for the remainder of the day giving me use of the studio floor. Connor came to help roll out the new show flooring, cutting the big roll into three and then marking out the design. Base coats of white were applied, all ready for the green to go next time.


I’ve been quite astounded at the price the Premier Inn were wanting to charge me for production week, so on this trip I’d booked an AirBnB to try out for a night. With a bag of alterations to tack I headed to find my room and see if the access codes worked. The front door was easy, the one for my room a little bit more tricksy, but I got there in the end.

I checked around to see what I had, a small kitchen area with cooker fridge and microwave. No sharp knife and slightly heat affected cupboards the laminate edging having come away sometime ago. The cooker and fridge are a bonus, no storing breakfast on a window sill and a heater that actually works without a big fan going constantly.

Chips were only for reference purposes

With some supplies bought along with a portion of chips from the nearby takeaway I set to with alterations sat on my sofa with a huge TV mounted on the wall. TV signal here would certainly get a thumbs down as I couldn’t seem to get any terrestrial channels. I also didn’t want to interact with Alexa as so far I’ve managed to avoid having her in my life. Eventually I did manage to get something to have on in the back ground, early episodes of Silent Witness, the lab used to be next to Kings’ College in Cambridge.

My digs

Digs verdict. Well it would be nice if the gap under the door didn’t let light in constantly. The microwave clock is easily covered up with a sketch book or tea towel. The shower door was easily rehung. The romantic view from behind the blind of buildings three foot away did mean no noise from the ring road next door (quieter than the Premier Inn). The big strip light was useful for sewing, but gave an atmosphere similar to that found in a dentists chair. If I stay again I’ll try to fix the shower so that more water comes out of the head than dribbles down the pipe. Having a fridge and cooker though may outweigh other things and it is two minutes walk from the theatre and £200 cheaper than Premier Inn, A bit more cutlery wouldn’t go amiss though.

Back at Dark Horse I finished the alterations on costumes, helped with a mark up of the stage for full rehearsals next week. Then when I was left on my own it was time to don my mask and finish off the giant mug. Getting things lined up and stuck on straight took time. The outside was covered, then the handle. Thankfully my plan for this worked out and two tins of stinky glue later the mug was finished.

Still with time before my booked train, I worked my way through a few props that needed painting. Packed everything away and then removed my mask. Hopefully the aroma on spray paint and any stinky glue will dissipate over the weekend.

My return journey was slightly hampered by late running trains, but this actually meant I still arrived back in Newark on time.

During the day, posts on the Trentlink group had been going about regarding Maud’s Bridge on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal. Then an official C&RT notice was put out.

Update on 27/01/2023:

We have now assessed the works required to the bridge following the damage caused by the road traffic accident and are now preparing for the comprehensive repair to be completed by our contractor.

In advance of this, following advice from our engineers, we will take a team to open the bridge to canal traffic on Tuesday 31st January at 10:30 and then close it at 11:30, allowing all boats currently in the area to pass the bridge.

Following this we will consider further openings as required until a full repair is complete. We will also update this notice with details of the full repair when we have them.

Brilliant! Except we won’t be able to make the hour time slot.

Huddersfield Station

Mick sent an email, to which he got the standard reply that he would get an answer within five working days. So he made a phone call.

The chap seemed fairly hopeful that another bridge swing would be possible for us on another day. He would know more in Monday and call us back. Lets hope we can find a window where everything fits together before too long, so we can move Oleanna up to Yorkshire.

0 locks, 0 miles, 6 trains, 1 rip, 4 inches, 2 tucks untucked, 2 x 9m, 12 white lines, 9 numbers, 36 pieces velcro, 2 tins stinky stink sticky stuff, 1 large mug, 2 caddies, 2 wands, 2 books, 1 giant spoon, 1 shower door, 0 view, 0 noise, 1 hour opening, 2 many commitments 2 make it, 4 meals with sprinkles, 2 pies, 2 jackets.

PS Do you normally receive blog posts by email? Have they stopped coming into your Inbox? Please let us know. Thank you

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