Returned. 11th January


2m up 48cm since yesterday!

That’s one heck of a lot of water coming downstream! During the day we had notices regarding flood locks being closed down stream, including Newark. At the moment there are daily updates on the Trent Link group on Facebook. Lots of charts to look at daily, we know we can’t go anywhere, but it’s still interesting.

The rain hammered down for much of the morning.

More numbers to do today, more checking things through before I filled in my balance sheet.

Lots of boxes to ignore

This afternoon it was time to log on to the Government Gateway and fill in my tax return. There is lots to read and check through, would it be best to go the Rent a Room direction or go the income and expenses route with income from our lodgers?

Mick made himself scarce and went for a walk, leaving Tilly and myself. In the end I gave Tilly an extension to her shore leave as she just would not shut up and let me read. That’s when Mick arrived back, at least he doesn’t sit by the back doors getting increasingly noisy!

Over the top

Mick walked down to Derwent Mouth Lock to have a look at the river. Today the water was just about level with the towpath, in places it was over the top. Not much of the red river level marker showing either. On New Years Day the level was 1.76m so today it was another 9 inches higher. The less muddy path back to the village was quite full of water in parts too.

Above one red the other not far to go

Notes read, boxes filled, I was soon submitting my tax return and as very much expected I owe them no tax, just my NI voluntary contributions for the year. You can now see how many years you’ve contributed, a feature I’ve not seen before.

Lodger figures were passed on to Mick who then added them to his tax return. All done and dusted for another year.

Broccoli Bacon Pasta tonight.

0 locks, 0 miles, 48cm in 24hrs, 2 tax returns submitted, 1 meowy cat, 0 tax, Class 2 NI paid, 11 years to go.