Skin ‘Ed! 2nd January


1.82m, but starting to drop

Tilly came and went most of the day. The sun was out and what a lovely day it would have been to cruise. Instead Mick did a couple of loads of washing, introduced himself and Tilly to our bow neighbours. They have quite a few bird feeders and a dog, so it was good to let them know of Tilly’s existance.

Maybe it was the cat nip Dreamies or maybe its the two donkeys in the field next to our moorings, but Tilly rarely ventured further than the gunnel and the hatch. Any suggestion that it might be open was used. Dreamies are rationed now to one each time she comes home! She comes home frequently!!

Mick’s hair was over his ears, time for a trim. A stool was taken outside and the clippers came out. Grade 3 all over and no need to sweep up. Just a shame it’s a little bit early for the birds to collect the hair to line their nests. I always think Mick looks a little younger after a hair cut, even if he turns into a Skin ‘Ed.

Catching up with friends always happens at this time of year. As yesterday had been my college friend Kathy’s birthday it was way past time to have a good chin wag. Good phone signal required being outside so I took my coat with me and stood on the stern. We really did have a lot to catch up on, Kathy has moved back onto her boat on the Thames by Tower Bridge for a while. A shame she hadn’t been there for the flotilla, although I suspect it was a very noisy evening.

View from the stern

I heard about the next Society of British Theatre Designers exhibition, which this year Kathy is curating. There will be 13 regional exhibitions, instead of the usual one, under the collective title ‘Hello Stranger’. The exhibition happens every four years and is normally filled with costumes, model boxes from designers and students. Many of the models are remade specifically to be exhibited costing people a lot of money. This year the designers are being encouraged to only use what already exists for display and there will be more workshops and conversations than before. The work on display will chart what has happened in the performance design world over the last four years, how the pandemic changed the way designers worked and what they produced. Hopefully we’ll be near one of the exhibitions to be able to visit.

After an hour and a half it was time to warm up again in front of the stove. That is when I realised I should have called Kathy via Whatsap. Numpty! But then I’d have missed the mist collecting in the field opposite and Tilly exploring the roof of the boat at our stern!! Rule 4, NO going on other boats! Being flouted in front of my eyes.

My #unit21 knitting came out. Time to stuff the head of the rabbit. Sew on some features and it’s ears. I still need to knit the second leg and both arms. I just hope it’s big enough, otherwise there will be some doubling up of yarn and bigger needles needed.

By the time we went to bed the River Trent had managed to drop by 11cm. There’s still a long way to go and more rain forecast.

0 locks, 0 miles, grade 3, 1st ever Tilly return to the boat using Dreamies packet rustle, 90 minutes catch up, 1 very chilly arm and shoulder, 2 ears, 1 nose, 2 french knot eyes, 1 stuffed head, 11cm.