Anything But. 9th December

Alvecote Marina

Have to say my cuppa in bed in the morning is taking longer and longer each day. I put the kettle on, stoke the fire whilst it boils, give Tilly some biscuits for morning dingding, remind her where her food bowls are out of the cold, then climb back into bed. Tilly joins me and warms back up my toes. It’s nice under the duvet.

It’s getting closer

The ice in the marina crept across towards Oleanna overnight, but I think my glancing at it every now and again is stopping it in it’s tracks. Here’s hoping so as it is very weird living on a boat that doesn’t float because its frozen in solid and one day soon we’ll be wanting to leave!


I set the oranges on top of the stove this morning to help them dry out a touch as they were still very sticky. Sitting on a cooling rack above a baking tray which was placed on a trivet meant I didn’t fill the boat full of the smell of burning sugar. After quite a few hours they seemed to be less sticky so they were boxed up in between greaseproof paper for use at the weekend.

The Christmas food shop needed amending. A while ago we’d arranged a food delivery for the 20th, the nearest we could get to the big day. Our festive bird is on order to be collected a couple of days before Christmas, but will we get to where we had planned to be able to pick it up? We’ll sort the bird but having to make two trips would be silly. The order would be too early to include our Christmas veg anyway, so I’ve cancelled it. A new order has been done to arrive at the marina before we hopefully leave, ice dependant.

Orange syrup on my porridge this morning was rather tasty

The order includes everything but bread, diary and veg for Christmas. A weeks normal shop. Then a stock up of the freezer and various tinned things should we end up being stuck somewhere waiting for ice to melt. I’ve maybe overdone it, but we’ll see. Quite an expensive shop and I’ve just remembered I’ve not included anything to bake my birthday cake with! The order will need amending, again!

Another job that needed doing was addressing envelopes for Christmas cards. I just need to do the round robin, print off more cards and they can head off in the post to arrive sometime in the next few weeks.


Tilly’s pooh box got a clean out to stop her whinging at the back door. A small amount of litter was added, as I could tell she was desperate. She was straight in there, but seemed to be disappointed at the lack of litter to scratch through. This was cleaned out before I gave her the usual quantity. All nice and fresh for tomorrow now.

The shower trap also got cleaned out, maybe I should consider getting my hair cut short!

Well another day of successfully not getting round to doing my accounts. Soon I will have run out of excuses!

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 accounts, 1 clean pooh box, 15 sticky slices, 3XL just in case overall, 70cm just in case zip, 45 envelopes, 10 Paddington stares, 1 Mick coming back on the train, 1 boiler mended, sort of!

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