‘In Charge’ 10th December

Avacoat Marina

In Charge!

They were busy busy busy again this morning, even though they pretended not to be! Tom did the yellow water and She put things in bags. Tom topped up the water and chatted to Next Boat Tom. Apparently because Oleanna is plugged into the water post that is why it is keeping on flowing, Next Boat Tom is pleased about this, Oleanna is keeping the water post from freezing.

But I’m always in charge!

I was relieved when the magic food bowl came out, that meant I wouldn’t have to go anywhere fast. But it did mean that they were leaving me ‘in charge‘. Now the ‘in charge’ bit is okay, I don’t mind that, I’m always ‘in charge‘. It’s the being on my own and being ‘in charge‘ that I’m not too keen on. No-one to hear me shouting at the back doors, no-one to sit on in front of the stove, no-one to cuddle up to in bed at night and most importantly no-one to play fishing rod with at bedtime!

It was time to sulk!

Two pouches of food in the magic food bowl!!!! Double sulk time!!

NO choice of toys today, She said I still had the good ones out from last time they went away. Triple sulk time!!! Then She put all the cables away, so no surfing the internet! Quadruple sulk time!!!! One for each paw!!!!!

Tom put so much black stuff on the stove, that should keep it warm for ages and ages. But then it was closed right down. ‘Right for night.’ It might last ages and ages and ages but it wouldn’t be Full Body Stretch Out Cat Warm! Tom said that when the black stuff ran out then the central heating would come on. But that wouldn’t come on until it was Round Cat Chilly! Think I might need to make use of the extra duvet on the bed.

Two flavours though!

Then there were head nudges, I turned round for those. She said it would only be for a couple of big sleeps. Well that would be no time at all as that is all I’m doing here in ‘Avecoat Marina, sleeping! They stepped outside, leaving me inside. Closed the door, made the rattly noise. Then stepped off Oleanna leaving her to get surrounded by more and more ice!

Ice all around now

Time to shut myself down for a while and hope they are back before I run out of dingding.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 pouches of food, 2 compartments closed, 1 black stuffed stove, 2 big sleeps, or 58 big sleeps? 1 cat home alone, 1 cat in charge.

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