Should We Stay Or Should We Go Now? 4th December

Alvecote Marina

As we laid in bed having our morning cuppa we had a quandary. With the weather set to take a turn to the colder end should we head onwards and stock up with coal and diesel? Our natural boaters instinct was to stock up and be prepared. Micks cold and my calf muscle made us want to stay put, after all we are plugged in and have a water tap close to hand in the marina.

Different sort of ideas

We plan on being in the marina for a few days, trips away needed and the boat being plugged in handy as the Alde boiler can work on electric to keep any major chill at bay. The marina office is closed on Sundays so we couldn’t check in today, hence our arrival yesterday. Maybe we should have checked in, been pointed to our mooring, but then continued onwards to Glascote and Fazeley to be able to stock up at Fazeley Marina where the diesel ten days ago was around 22p cheaper than here at Alvecote! Diesel prices depend on who had the cheapest delivery recently.

What to do? One minute we were gearing ourselves up to move Oleanna, the next a quiet day with cooked breakfast appealed more. The breakfast won. Here’s hoping we don’t regret our decision when the temperature plummets.

This seems to becoming very regular

The Geraghty zoom subjects consisted of Eastern European sofas, pigeon scarers and pass the parcel etiquette. This was followed by breakfast.

How many windows open?!

Time for me to do some work and order in some materials to make some props. Being in one place for a few days means I can get things delivered to a nearby shop for collection. The actual building of the props will wait til after Christmas so that we can actually live in the boat for the next few weeks. Calculations were done, working out how many yoga mats would be needed, a lot of πD maths to get the most out of them.

More in depth calculations

Christmas shopping was also started on-line. Somehow the day had vanished, not that we’d seen much of it being slotted into our mooring, a boat 18inches away on both sides.

The day ended with a roast chicken and arrangements being made with the London Leckenbys for the start of the family festivities.

0 locks, 0 miles, 4 siblings, 4 bags of coal, 5 yoga mats, 2 sheets corex, 70cm long spoon, 1 watch list chocka, 1 float waited for, 1.714kg chicken, 1 cosy bored cat.

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