Jobs. 2nd September

Peartree Farm FOTRN mooring

Is it still blowy?

Job 1. Encourage the cat to use shore based facilities. Failed!

Not the full works, but good enough

Job 2. Eat breakfast. Yum.

Job 3. Do a colour call for panto paints. Tick

Colour charts out

This takes quite a bit of time, working out which colours are needed, then reducing them to an affordable quantity. I’ll also need to check what there already is at the theatre.

Looking through my old Flints Hire and Supply catalogue I came across an entry for Owatrol. Life changing experience apparently. I tend to use a bit of it in with paint when touching up Oleanna, but never used it on a theatre set. I’m not sure I’m going to get time to repaint the gunnels before going of to panto. Then there’s the grab rail too!

Useful stuff

Job 4. Try to spruce up the model box. Partly achieved.

A length of wood was glued to the inside of the proscenium arch, but I’m not sure the glue is suitable for sticking wood to foam cor. We’ll see tomorrow when the tape is removed.

The extra weight of bay leaves assisting

Job 5. Tack glue the floor into the model box. Tick.

Small blobs of glue used to hold the floor in position, stop the edges from curling up, so that it looks good. But so that it is also easily removable for when I come to paint the floor. Encouraging the glue to stick required clearing some of the galley work top and using Hemsley and Hemsley along with the River Cottage GF recipe book and the largest jar of bay leaves in the world to weight it down. Thank you Frank.

Job 6. Other small painting jobs. Tick.

Job 7. Sort out when to show the model to everyone else and be included in a budget meeting. Half Tick.

Not sure I can wait for tomorrow!

Job 8. Everything else. That can wait for tomorrow.

Boats have come today. Boats have left.

The grass has been cut, edges stimmed.

Fires lit, conversations had.

0 locks, 0 miles, 4 arrivals, 1 departure, 1 more woofer, 2 jobs left to do, 1 model so nearly there, 3 days since I last stepped of the boat!

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