Heading For Shelter. 20th March

Bramwith Junction to only just on the New junction Canal

A very sunny day, but the wind where we were moored seemed relentless. Looking up and down the canal we could see that it was a lot calmer just across the way at the beginning of the New Junction so before we did anything else we released ropes, let the wind push the bow round (well we had no choice in this) whilst the stern was still tied and then finished our turn, just as a cruiser was heading our way. Luckily the South Yorkshire Navigations are very wide. There was a little bit of confusion as to which side we were heading for due to the wind and our wind, but we both passed with ease.

Wind pushing us round to the junction

This was to be the only boat we saw for quite sometime today.

We pootled a short way up the New Junction to where there was a horizontal bar to put chains round, the bank here a touch lower than elsewhere. Tilly was given eight hours shore leave, she headed straight off into the friendly cover and started eying up the local trees. Despite her presence the Chiff Chaffs sang their hearts out for us.

A cooked breakfast, another round of when and which way should we go. Still no decision, it would help if my glasses arrived!

Time for some boat jobs. Mick climbed into the engine bay and set about doing a gearbox oil change. Fuel filters will follow another day and the reason for an engine oil change (leave it with nice fresh oil whilst idle over the winter) has passed, so that can wait until the engine hours reach the next 250 hours.

I got out the wood polish. Time to give the interior wood a touch of tlc. I don’t polish the wood that often, in fact it is quite a rarity, possibly only the third time since Oleanna was new. Life has far too many interesting things to do which doesn’t include polishing wood or boats in general. But occasionally I just feel the need and have to act very quickly before the feeling passes.

My dodgy right hand isn’t too keen on certain jobs and a dodgy left shoulder now too, meant I did a very good job of our bedroom but then stopped for the day. Maybe next weekend I’ll tackle half of the living area, leaving the galley for the following weekend.

Happy tail in the sunshine

Over the last week Mick and I have been trying to wean ourselves off closing drawers as we enter backwards down the stern steps. Ever since Frank added the magnets to the ring leader drawer we have had no problems with it at all. After four nearly five years of always having to close drawers as you enter it is now hard to get out of the habit.

The freezer seems to be cooler too now in it’s perforated drawer. We just need it to go back on drawer runners, have an area underneath cut out for extra ventilation and maybe it needs a new handle as the old one fell off the day after Frank had put it back on for us, I think the thread has gone.

Look at that wake!

Considering it was a calmer sunnier day than yesterday we were surprised at how few boats came past. One rib zoomed up the cut creating a similar wash to Exol Pride. Then mid afternoon a narrowboat appeared, followed by three more boats. They’d all fit in Sykehouse Lock together and be able to leapfrog each other through the bridges.

You wait for ages, then three/four come at once

I normally avoid mentioning politics and world events here, but today I need to record news regarding my cousin Tim. Today we received news that he and his wife are in Ukraine. The fact that he has a new wife was news in itself! News on the social media grapevine, at least fourth hand, is that they moved out from their home in Chernihiv (north east of Kyiv) due to the fighting and were now in the countryside about 2 hours away with no electricity and an earth toilet. This was three to four days ago. I so hope they have made it to somewhere safer and that better news filters through the grapevine soon.

0 locks, 0.18 miles, 1 windy wind, 8 hours, 2 many woofers for a Mrs Tilly stamp, 1 polished bedroom, 1.5 litres oil, 1 inch short of a sock, 1 missing cousin.


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