Nose and Toes. 18th March

Doncaster Visitor Moorings to Bramwith Junction

This morning it was time to find Oleanna’s Red Nose. I made this three years ago when we were in Goole and it has been in storage under the bed since then. In the last three years we have had a new bow fender, and although they looked to be the same size would the nose still fit?!

Red Nose

Mick climbed out onto the bow to fit the red giant crochet cover, it fitted! No adjustments required. The colour had faded on the top last time, so Mick put it on inside out to make it as red as possible.

Another blue day

I made a phone call about my glasses to the Scarborough branch, the lady said she’d check things and call back. Thankfully she did, but unfortunately my glasses still have not arrived. They’d been sent between branches internally which could take between 7 and 10 days, they’d been sent out last Friday. I could have walked back to Scarborough and back by now! If they don’t arrive by next Friday then a new pair will be ordered for me. I explained about living on a boat and how no one had mentioned the 7-10 day delivery when I ordered them. All a bit frustrating, we won’t hang around them, if I need to come back by train so be it!

Look at all that fish!

Time to head out to do some shopping. We’d timed our visit perfectly as it was market day. First into the Fish Market to see what we fancied. We got a couple of Salmon steaks for the freezer and a large mackerel which was filleted for this evening. I did a quick google to see how I’d cook it and found what sounded like a tasty recipe with roast potato hash.

Some bacon and a chicken were bought from the inside market and Mick treated himself to a Diddy Pork Pie. Lots of tasty sausages on offer, but none gluten free sadly.

A lot of the fruit and veg stalls sell things in bulk, this was fine for Blueberries, £1 on the market for the equivalent of £7 in a supermarket, the majority of them went straight in the freezer. Then we found other stalls who did smaller quantities and topped up on veg for a roast and a big cauliflower to add some cheese to tomorrow.

Worth a trip to Doncaster alone

That was the market done. Time to visit Scicluna Deli, possibly my most favourite deli. A visit to Doncaster wouldn’t be right without walking in through the front doors. It is food heaven. They stock just about everything you could dream of, with one exception, chestnut flour.

Having Mick with me helped to keep my time in there to a minimum. Some banana shallots, a quick look round and then time to choose two treat cheeses! Our bill still came to over £10.

The Doncaster moorings

Back at Oleanna we had lunch and then decided to head back down stream, getting out of Doncaster and into the countryside.

Going down

The moorings at Long Sandall were still full so we descended the lock.

Kirk Sandall has a tarmac towpath which is popular with bikes and dog walkers, not ideal for Tilly, so we carried on.

Looking back to Barnby Dun

At Barnby Dun Lift Bridge a chap with a cruiser asked if he could go through with us. I went to press the buttons. A chap in a sporty number asked if the bridge was about to close, yes but only when you’ve gone over it! Then a gap in traffic, I pressed the button. Lights and sirens going just as a complete to**er in a white van drove along at speed, no intention of slowing or stopping. He looked straight at me with a stupid smug face and carried on across the bridge as I released my finger from the button.

I did stop the traffic. I stopped counting how many vehicles I’d stopped when I reached 60!

Back at Bramwith Junction we winded to have the hatch to the towpath and moored back up.

Red Toes

Ends were woven into the latest two pairs of socks. Then each pair was packed up ready for posting tomorrow. One of the skeins of yarn from Lisa was wound into a ball and a tension square knitted. I think however I need to use the next size up of circular needles as it was all a bit too compact. This will require some digging in the pouffe where I stash my crafty things.

Still more to knit

This evening we watched the moon rise across the fields. A real shame my camera didn’t do it justice.

1 locks, 5.69 miles, 2 winds, 1 lift bridge, 60 plus cars, 1 tag along cruiser, 0 glasses, 1 punnet blueberries, mushrooms, tomatoes, 6 bananas, 1 huge cauli, 2 salmon steaks, 2 mackerel fillets, 8 slices bacon, 1 chicken, 27 mini sprouts, 1 lemon, 2 treat cheeses, 4 sad gits hot cross buns, 1 worm moon.

2 thoughts on “Nose and Toes. 18th March

  1. Anonymous

    Ah yes, Kirk Sandall….that 1930s Hollywood heart throb.
    And Barnby Dun ought to be a character in a Charles Dickins novel.
    Bessacarr is the posh bit (yes, there is a posh bit of Donny!) to the south of the town centre.
    Bessie Carr sounds like she should be the love interest in a George formby film!

  2. Dave (Scouts)

    Well that’s a suggestion for next weekend. We are up at Marr just outside Doncaster at a B&B Fri-Sun before heading to Wombwell on the Sunday for our 1st Pedalcar race of the season. Looks like we may head into Doncaster and the Market on Saturday to get some goodies.

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