Blue All Around. 17th March

Bramwith Junction to Doncaster Visitor Moorings

Wonderful day

What a difference waking to bright sunshine!

We pushed off mid morning, the washing machine having nearly worked it’s way through a full cycle. A boat was just pulling back from the water point at Barnby Dun so we pulled up in front of them and took over the tap.

Happy strawberries

The plants in the cratch were given a water, thyme and two troughs of wild strawberries which have survived the winter well. I wonder if I should move a few into another trough to give them more space?

Buttons in reverse order

Time to hold up the traffic. For the first time at Barnby Dun a gap in vehicles happened almost instantaneously as I arrived at the panel. I had to have another look round before pressing the button on the panel, it wasn’t too long before a car arrived, thankfully the driver sat patiently as the barriers dropped.

I lifted the bridge enough for Oleanna to get through, then dropped it again, the road now open again to traffic. Thank goodness I hadn’t lifted it all the way up, as soon as I turned the key, turning the power off, an ambulance siren could be heard. It then came into view along the side road, blue lights flashing and whizzed across the bridge. So glad it hadn’t arrived a few minutes earlier when the bridge was up and Oleanna part way under it!

There was a keen head wind which pinned Oleanna against the side, a Reverse Andy with the stern rope was needed to get us going again.

More new houses have gone up around St Oswalds at Kirk Sandall. A couple of semis right up along side the church. Several properties have added fake greenery along their railings keeping prying eyes and the view of the canal out. One house has gone even further and built a large garden room right across the back of their property.

The light was on amber at Long Sandall lock, I hopped off with the key of power, Mick reversed Oleanna away from the bottom of the lock so that I could empty the water safely.

Back to big locks

Above the lock there are nice 48hour moorings, there was a space, but sadly only two thirds of Oleanna would have fitted. We decided to carry on to Doncaster, first of all dropping off our recycling at the bins by the lock. Then another Reverse Andy to get off the bank again, this one took a bit more umph, but worked to get the bow out from the side and we were off.

What a jolly blue van

The next pound is a touch mangy. Burnt out vehicles, rubbish, speeding cruisers! But then a high chirp, a flash of electric blue, a Kingfisher reached a perch and sat their chirping away. Sadly I couldn’t get it in shot before we were too far away.

Doncaster Minster came into view, followed by the visitor moorings, only one boat on them, we pulled in behind.


Sorry Tilly no shore leave here! I realised that we’d not finished unpacking since we moved back on board. All Tilly’s toys that had been taken to the house had been packed in her escape pod which was still collapsed in a cupboard. Time to unleash the toys. This was a very popular move and her two newest toys have not lost their pungency of cat nip.


An afternoon of knitting for me whilst Mick tinkered with the blog. He’s now discovered that we can add different links to reusable blocks on different posts. So from now on the blue and red arrows at the bottom of a post, if I can remember how to do it, will link to the page they are referring to, so just click on them.

1 lock, 5.74 miles, 1 lift bridge, 2 reverse Andys, 12 held up, 0 ambulances, 1 sunny day, 1 chirpy Kingfisher,0 drawer movements, 0 glasses news, 5th pair socks off the needles, 1 approach, 6 mice, 2 fish, 1 ball released, 1 happier cat.

2 thoughts on “Blue All Around. 17th March

  1. Anonymous

    Did you visit Sciclunas?
    When I first went to live in Doncaster in the 1970s Josie and her mother had a small unit in the corner of the market hall.
    I can’t help thinking that if Sciclunas was anywhere else than Donny food writers would be raving about the place.

    NB ‘Red Wharf’

    1. Pip Post author

      We most certainly did, it’s culinary heaven. Main reason for visiting Doncaster. I have to ration my time in there otherwise I’d never leave!

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