Boaters Meat. 28th August

Cracks Hill to Houdini’s Field

Shortly after mooring up yesterday I got the result of my Antibody test, it came through as a text and an email. ‘No antibodies were found in your blood sample. This means it’s unlikely you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months.’ The result I had hoped for. My result was added to the Zoe Covid app, it doesn’t look like it gets added to the NHS app though.

Hello Panda!

A bit after 7pm we heard a boat approaching, this one was the one we’d been expecting and the mooring in front of us was about to be filled. NB Panda was joining us for the weekend with Lizzie on board.

This morning Mick headed off back into Crick on the bike to pick up a few supplies. A new Sainsburys delivery has been booked, here’s hoping we can get a suitable mooring on Monday so that we won’t have to cancel this one too. He was back for the weekly Geraghty Zoom. This weeks subjects included Supermarket Sweep on a Brompton, Family photos, Boccia rampers and egg banjos.

Bailed high

Earlier this year we’d planned to be around Crick for the boat show. More a social affair for us along with having a nosy at new boats and the latest boaty things that we can’t afford. We’ve been to the show five times and because we moored Lillian there in her early days we know quite a few people. But as covid cases increased we changed our minds, wanting to avoid the crowds, yet we still wanted to catch up with friends. So a tentative plan to have a boaters meet was put into action for this weekend.

A bit of a leak waiting to get mended

The planned meeting place was at Houdini’s Field (named after our first second mate who had never seen so much grass) just under two hours cruise from Cracks Hill. Both boats pushed off managing to get a boat in between us, but he was right on our fender so Mick let him pass at the first straight.


Trying to peek through the friendly cover as we approached Yelvertoft Marina. Was there some yellow? Could Lillian still be there? Was that just a bow flash? Then a yellow swans neck came into view. She’s still there, looking as jolly as she always did. We waved.

A touch long

The willow tree just before Yelvertoft Wharf is almost touching the water, good job we’d just spotted a boat coming towards the bridge before it vanished behind the greenery! The summit pound is pretty as ever, the red berries starting to show themselves in the hedgerows, fields golden, trees lush and green.

Nearly there

A lady in a canoe came towards us talking on the phone, she was on a reckie to see if there was anywhere better to moor up ahead.

This boat just kept following us!

We were near our destination, would there be enough room for two more boats?

NB Kamili

Bridge 27 came into view, followed by the red cabin side of NB Kamili. Andy and Irene were busy doing jobs. Panda tucked in in front of them and we carried on a short distance away to find a space for us, right by the gap in the hedge into Houdini’s field. Only one boat missing from the meeting, sadly Noel and Carolyn wouldn’t be able to join us this time.

Brilliant I like it here

Tilly followed us up to have a chat, she chatted away in the friendly cover too!

Just some sliding doors and a green line to add

I spent the afternoon making a model for #unit21. Mick sat out in a chair, he’d been expecting to spend the day listening to cricket, but that had long finished. Lizzie worked on filling bits of Panda whilst Irene battled with bathroom sealant! She may have to go for some counselling once she’s finished!

Andy, Irene, lots of food, 2 Sainsburys bags, Mick and Lizzie

At 6pm we all congregated by Kamili and Panda. The bbq was lit and all our various edible bits and bobs were laid out on the handy bench. Blimey what a spread! Pork loins, steak, sausages, veg kebabs and a treat pudding of bananas and chocolate. We were very surprised that no one else had ever had one before!

Being outside we could enjoy each others company while feeling at ease, no worries of covid, no worries of asthma brought on by Tilly and being at one end of the moorings we shouldn’t disturb anyone else.

We had prosecco, Lizzie turned the food, Tilly brought a friend to play and was quickly grounded, Irene was an expert plate holder for the cooked food all wrapped in foil to keep warm. What a wonderful feast and lovely to spend an evening with everyone even if it was a touch cold and VERY dark by the time we decided to call it a night.

0 locks, 4.3 miles, 5 siblings, 1 hello yellow, 2 boat flotilla, 3rd boat waiting for us, 1 boat missed, 7 hours shore leave, 0.75 of a model made, 1 test won, 5 boaters, 1 cat, 1 mouse! 1 lovely evening, 2 dark to carry on.

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