Stacks Of Stuff. 25th July

Sawbridgeworth Lock to Hunsdon Lock

The alarm not being set meant we both slept in, maybe a little too much, but so long as we got to where we needed to be tonight it didn’t really matter. There were a few bits and bobs that needed finishing up so Mick set too in the kitchen for breakfast.

Turkey sausages

Then we walked down to the maltings where several antique places sell their stuff. The first we went into was very organised and a touch posh really. Lots of jewellery and china.

Maybe the carpet too!

A few bits of furniture. We considered swapping our sofa bed for a curly low sofa which would fit under the gunnels nicely, but we’d have nowhere for the two matching chairs.


‘One’ would need a leather bound library for a Victorian wooden step ladder.

Cats, pig marching bands and Clarice Cliff bowls tucked away in the display cabinets. Nothing for us here.

£550 for a dog puppet!

A units further on was Acorn Auctions, not open today for viewing, never mind there was plenty more to look at.

A Stage Managers heaven

Riverside Antiques covered several floors and for those who have ever visited Josie’s in Bempton, it reminded me of there, just a touch tidier and you didn’t come out feeling grubby!

From Fred and Wilma, to Walter White.

Captain Scarlet and Blue to Thunderbird 2.

Railway paraphernalia, cap badges and Trains in Trouble singles.

Telephones, crockery, horse brasses. I took lots of photos of horse brasses as reference for panto.

1950’s clock with a timer, a calculator, beer steins, typewriters.

So much stuff, it went on and on for ages! The chap from the red boat had been right, these places could fill up a whole day if we let them. So much stuff nobody needs!

Mick’s choice

Oh hang on! We did find one thing each that maybe we’d have bought. Mick, an Aston Martin DB5 Corgie car. This was James Bond’s car, first seen in Goldfinger. It had rotating number plates, a retractable bullet proof rear shield, extending front over-riders, pop out machine guns, and, of course, a functioning passenger ejector seat! £15 a bargain!

My choice

Mine, a cream tea pot with chrome cosy. I used to have one of these that I think I bought at the aforementioned Josie’s. I would make my morning cuppa in it every day, but sadly quite a few years ago it broke or started to leek. Today I could have replaced it for £8, I very nearly did too!

Then near to the Ercol pebble tables and the canteen/table of cutlery there were two Victorian photographs which had dolls faces added to them. Three dimensions morphing out from two, quite disturbing really. Had someone made these up for a Halloween party?!

Even more!

Yet another floor showed itself to us, but here we decided that we’d seen enough and that it was time to push off and get a few miles done.

Improvised cover for phone

Today there were thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. We gathered together our waterproofs before setting off, we knew we would be needing them today!

Heading down with the key of power

NB Small World had already moved off when we passed the gated community. We dropped back down Sheering Mill Lock all the time the skies behind us getting darker. There was a queue at the water point at Harlow Mill Lock which stretched back towards the lock, we managed to get past but a widebeam wouldn’t.

Just before the rain caught us up

Here as we finished dropping down the lock the heavens opened, just enough time to get waterproofs on, I’d already put shorts on to save over heating in clinging waterproof trousers. Mick stayed up top and brought us along the pound reaching Latton Lock where we’d stopped for our Tesco’s click and collect the other day. Derek and Margaret waved from their comfortable dry seats as we passed, hoping there would be space for us to pull in before the lock.

A cruiser out there

We ended up on the lock landing. Covers back up and dripping under cover. We really wanted to be further on today so we waited and waited for the rain to subside. At one point it started to look good and Mick walked to set the lock. A cruiser was just arriving, so he helped them up, leaving the top gates ready for us, of course now it was heaving it down again!

Burnt Mill Lock

Almost an hour later the rain dried up, covers were dropped and time to move on again. Thunder continuously rumbled around above, it was hard to hear the crack associated with each lightening flash. Above Burnt Mill Lock there were now three trip boats moored on the off side and David and Ted’s boat was sat on the visitor moorings, he’d said he needed some shopping.

Parndon Mill

It stayed almost dry through Parndon Lock but then on our last stretch of water the heavens opened up again. I made an excuse of preparing our evening meal whilst Mick stood at the tiller through the driving rain. Thankfully at Hunsdon Lock there was plenty of space for us to pull in.

Before it got really really wet

Drip drying we checked the river levels. Tomorrow we need to pass under Roydon Railway Bridge on the river section. The pound we were in had risen by about four inches and we were seeing footage of flooded tube stations at Stratford! We’ll see what happens.

7 locks, 6.61 miles, 2 antique shops, 6 scarlet, 6 blue, 87 brasses, 7 piece band, 2 much to look at, 2 down pours, 25 minutes constant rumbling, 16 meatballs with celeriac, 0 shore leave, 1 very steamed up boat, 1 cruising plan coming together.

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  1. Anonymous

    Cracking looking breakfast Mick, not sure on the turkey sausages though?
    Just catching up. 1st week back at work after 2 weeks holiday, too tired to read of an evening!
    Love looking around those antique type places had a lovely one in Wells until a few years ago it folded. I actually had thar DB5 as a kid. Wonder if I still do somewhere. Good choice Mick and the chrome tea pot I’m sure my gran had.
    Interesting if wet post!

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