The Waterway With Christine And Paul. 30th June

Rembrandt Gardens

With a little under a quarter left in our water tank we decided to push off and have a top up this morning. We were fortunate to find the taps on both sides of Westbourne Terrace Bridge unoccupied so we didn’t have to share the water pressure with anyone else. Once the rubbish was disposed of and the tank full we reversed back through the bridge, winded and came back round the island to our mooring.

The Waterway

We tidied ourselves up and set off for our lunch date with Christine and Paul. We’ve passed the restaurants that run along the side of the canal numerous times, but never been inside, so today was going to be a treat as we were going to The Waterway.

Very nice squid under the salad

Christine had booked an outside table. Outside is actually under two huge canopies and surrounded by large see through plastic walls, but there is still a lot of air circulating, heated by large electric heaters, one above our table.

Chicken and chips

As a meal out is now quite a treat we all had three courses. I had Squid with chilli sauce for starters. Followed by a very aromatic chicken in an basket enamel tray with fries and beetroot coleslaw. The chicken had been rubbed with cumin and was very tasty. My pudding was a scoop each of their sorbets, mango, lemon and raspberry, the first chilled medication I’ve had this year!

Chilled medication!

A very leisurely lunch with good company and wine. Again it was so good to be with family again after such a long time. Hopefully things will have improved sufficiently by Christmas for there to be a Geraghty Leckenby get together this year, well we can hope.

Us with Christine and Paul

Much of the rest of the afternoon has been spent on the verge of snoozing. Mick has caught up with Mark Cavendish winning a stage of the Tour de France, I’ve got the blog up to date and done a little bit of work.

A new neighbour

Tilly had some excitement when she came across a rat almost nose to nose with her. Tilly was far keener than the rat, who in the end after a stand off decided it would be best to run away, all be it closely followed by Tilly. I however decided that maybe it was dingding time for her and managed to encourage her back inside and closed the doors.

0 locks, 0.28 miles, 1 full water tank, 2 outsides, 1 confused Tilly, 2 boaters cleaned up, 3rd day in a row, 1 squid, 1 goats cheese croquets, 1 gravlax, 3 burgers, 1 chicken in a basket, 3 scoops, 1 cheese cake, 1 crème brulee, 1 brownie, 2 bottles wine, 1 lovely lunch, 3rd sister, how to get to see the 4th? 3rd neighbour, 1 snoozie afternoon, 1 long tailed friend.