YoYo River. 28th August

Narburn Lock Water Point Pontoon

Overnight the river had continued to fall. Here in Naburn when we woke the mooring bollards were above water again, a good sign, but it was raining and due to continue raining for most of the day. A look at the Viking recorder level and the forecast levels showed that in York the river had just started to level out before it would rise again. We’d guessed as much, but the predicted levels were high again.

The levels recorded below Naburn Lock were starting to show the influence of the tides again, would there be enough fresh going downstream to make it possible to escape during the afternoon and not have to wait for the tide? This was a question to ask the Lockie when we saw him next.


A look at the weir was needed, it was more audible than it’s been in the last few days. The difference of levels on the tidal and none tidal river were visible again, hence the weir making a lot more noise. The downstream pontoon no longer level with the island, still a lot of water crashing around though.

A height difference

The Lock Keeper was hanging around when we returned. We asked what the possibilities were of heading downstream this afternoon a bit earlier than with the tide before the next rise in water really got going. He wasn’t keen on the idea, fare enough.

Rafted boats at the lock

He did say that if the levels remained more or less as they were now then he’d be on duty for the morning tide and be able to pen us down at 6:30am in return for a bacon butty. Well we already knew that the levels would rise again, a carrot dangled then drowned again!

Moreby Hall visible downstream

A wet day followed as the levels gradually rose again.

Tilly is finding it hard here. Being cabin bound is one thing, she kind of copes when in places like Paddington or BUMingham. But here there is nothing to watch through the windows, being hemmed in on both sides isn’t helping her deal with things. Her incessant pleading at the back doors is not helping our mental health either!

Mick popped back to see the Lockie later on. He’d still pen us down if we wanted in the morning, however he wouldn’t recommend it. We already knew this. If we were to go boats would have to move round. Jo is on the outside of us all and is waiting for a friend to help her on the Tidal Ouse. It would be her first time and on a new to her widebeam, so totally understandable. No need to play do-ci-do then.

Watching the film

Mick lit the stove as it was getting chilly. I made a round of mustard and cheddar crackers and then we all settled down to watch The Sence of Ending, a gentle English mystery. Jim Broadbent plays Tony, who receives a letter from the estate of the mother of his 1960’s university girlfriend. He has been left some money and a diary. Who’s diary was it and why won’t his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Rampling, hand it over to him. What happened after they split up and where have their lives taken them since. An enjoyable wet days viewing.

A lock lampost

The weather forecast is looking up and hopefully we will have several dry days. Fingers crossed the levels start to go down and stay down long enough for us to get to Selby and maybe across the River Aire to Knottingley.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 wet day, 1 missing boater found, 1 stern gland tightened, 1 greaser filled, 1 red dot boring now, 1 cat climbing the walls, 1 bacon butty passage, 2 boaters staying put, 1.22m minimum, 1.54m at midnight, 1 river on the rise, 2 boaters using shore based facilities, 2 boaters hoping to still have a cat in the days to come, wonder what feline steak tastes like, at least she’d be quiet and we’d have a varied diet.